Discovered a unique reliquary of Saints Matthew, Mark, Luke, and many other




In Saratov found reliquary saints Matthew, Mark, Luke, St. Andrew, St. Basil the Great, Gregory the Theologian and John Chrysostom, Catherine of Alexandria, Barbara, many Russian saints — Prince Vladimir of Kiev, Prince Daniel of Moscow, St. Sergius of Radonezh and others. The discovery was made officers of the regional museum of local lore.

The unique reliquary dating from the eighteenth century, is a wooden board on which the recess 132 with relics of the saints, said the museum staff. On it informs RIA "Novosti".

The history of the shrine is connected with the village Zubrilovka Balashov Province of Saratov province. Prior to 1917, it housed a vast estate of Prince Golitsyn, Prozorovsky. The founder of the estate — the famous military general, a member of Suvorov's campaigns, the gentleman Russian and foreign orders. In 1795, on the estate of their church was built in honor of the Transfiguration. It was a relic and, by doing, according to legend, "from hramosozdatelya Duke Sergei Fedorovich Golitsyn from the field of his church."

After the closure of the church who lost a silver reliquary salary went to Saratov regional museum of local lore. The first record of his admission appeared in the inventory book of the Department of Religion and Atheism in 1937-1938, told in the museum. Together with the reliquary, the museum preserved picture. It can be seen as a reliquary looked to close the church and sent to a museum. Thanks to the skills of unknown photographer and computer processing, it was possible to decipher the inscriptions on the setting.

According to the Regulations on the transfer of the religious organizations of the federally owned property for religious purposes, the Federal Agency for Culture and Cinematography allowed the Saratov regional museum of local history to pass Reliquary Saratov Diocesan management for permanent use. The ceremonial act of transferring a holy Russian Orthodox Church will be held in January 2005.


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