Dmitry Bondarenko prepared against the verdict

Coordinator of "European Belarus" Dmitri Bondarenko met with a lawyer to write against the sentence. A former police officer Alexander Klaskouski wrote from prison that "it is insulting for the country." An activist of the "Movement for Freedom" Nikita Lihavid says it will be called in the colony "illegally sentenced".

Dmitry Bondarenko, who was sentenced to 2 years imprisonment, prepared in conjunction with a lawyer Yuri Stashkevich against the verdict. This was reported on May 4th wife Olga concluded:

"Today, it got to the lawyer. They wrote a complaint. Given that just today Dmitry given a copy of the verdict, has 10 days to file a complaint. But I think it's will be madea lot faster. "

Keep Dmitry Bondarenko still in the KGB detention center.

A former police officer Alexander Klaskouski preparing for trial — his trial will begin May 11. Klaskouski will be tried together with the ex-candidate Nikolai Statkevich, Dmitry mustache and even four activists. The prisoner sent a letter to his sister Olga:

"He calmly responds that the trial will take place soon, and says:" What am I, for the power, as they say, sorry! ". Tone of his letters is that he never complains about his fate, but only worried about relatives" .

Seviarynets Paul, the prisoner, the letter expresses support for me, which is on the loose.

Olga Klaskouski reported that it had received a letter from Paul Sevyarinets, which is familiar for many years. "Seviarynets Paul, the prisoner, the letter expresses support for me, which is on the loose", — says Olga Klaskouski.

May 4 mother activist movement "For Freedom" Nikita Lihavida visit him in jail on Volodarskogo.

Elena Lihavid"Went today for a meeting with Nikita, he was very much thinner. Compared even with the court — even more. Green face. Said just now, when the sun, were more likely to take out. And the time to walk more give. But what sort of a walk? You walk around the perimeter and all. "

7 or 13 May Nikita Lihavida sent under escort to Novapolatsk colony. "There's not going to sign any paper, and will be called" illegally sentenced "- said Nikita mother.

Nikita Lihavida for participating in the riots on December 19 sentenced 3.5 years in prison.

Mother activist of "Young Front" Eduard Lobau reported, a letter came from him, not from quarantine, and from the order. But no more specific information about yourself Edward was not reported.

Ex-presidential candidate Yaroslav Romanchuk did not ask for forgiveness from the mother of journalist Irina Khalip Lucyna Belzatskoy after speaking in court at the trial of Andrei Sannikov. In the court as a witness Mr. Romanchuk was made today, May 4. Lucyna Belzatskaya said:

"He did not ask for forgiveness for his speech on television, and explained that it is for the court shall not make any difference. And he saved people. I told him to do what he was saving himself. He said he was going to say okay. Indeed, in the court, he did not say that bad. "

And yet, Lucyna Belzatskoy, Irina Khalip "does not believe in the sincerity of Yaroslav Romanchuk."


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