Dmitry Dashkevich sent to the colony in Hills

Picked colony, where it will serve his sentence chairman of "Young Front" Dashkevich. An activist of "European Belarus" Dmitri Bondarenko replaced lawyer and is preparing to submit a cassation appeal against the judgment. Letters from the prisoner Alexander Klaskouski again reach rare.

The leader of the "Young Front" Zmitser Dashkevich will serve his sentence in a prison in the district center of Gorki, Mogilev region. This was reported on April 30 Freedom Anastasia Palazhanka of the "Young Front".

Dmitry Dashkevi

The last letters of Dmitry Dashkevich Anastasia Palazhanka also learned that he had been transferred to another cell, with the worst conditions of detention. In this chamber, there are 40 prisoners, half do not have a bed, respectively inmates sleep in turns.

"Dmitry said that once again will have to get used to a different agenda. But do not lose courage, writes that again feels really behind bars, and not somewhere on vacation. "

Disadvantages in prison concurrent with Dashkevycha with a difficult period in his personal life — recently at Dmitry's mother died. Anastasia Palazhanka says that we must seek to judge, considering the appeal the prisoner, took into account the new circumstances.

"Personally, I will go over all these instances and to demand that since Dmitri was a disabled father, who lives in the old road. From the second degree of disability, a person with a prosthetic leg. He certainly hard to be alone, almost unreal. Need a man who would be at looked after them. And so we hope that this will somehow affect whether to appeal or for further appeal against the sentence. "

May 5 at the Frunze district court in Minsk a trial over Infusion Palazhanka, which threatens to 3 years in prison for organizing group activities that breach public order. Nastya frankly admitted that "not even thinking about that lawsuit, as the now very busy by friends of the" Young Front ". Recall in the October trial court deputy chairman of" Young Front " Ales Kirkevich, in partisan — "Young Front" Vladik Eremenko.

Dmitry Bondarenko

Olga Bondarenko got a date with her husband, the coordinator of "European Belarus" Dmitri Bondarenko, two days after his trial. Let me remind you, a member of staff Dmitry Bondarenko Sannikov was sentenced to two years in prison. Date of Olga and Dmitry in the KGB detention center lasted almost 3 hours. "He said he thought will be given 3 years, and were given only two. But we are discussing what he needed to get to the colonies "? Said Olga Bondarenko.

"Here he is looking for a black tracksuit. Acquired already black jerseys … In general, we now have the authority Dasha wife Otroshchenkov. She already knows what it takes to acquire colonies, and with it we advise.'s Just called her. She handed her husband is waiting for the transmission and the information came that there is. "

Alexander Atroschankau

Husband Darya Korsak Ales Atroshchankain serving his sentence in prison "Vitba-3". Where will serve his term Dmitry Bondarenko, is still unknown. "We decided not to write an application for a colony, as noticed: what you ask colony in a statement, it just does not give" — said Olga Bondarenko.

The family of former policeman Alexander Klaskouski moved from Minsk to Mogilev region to his wife's parents prisoner Natalia.

Alexander Klaskouski

The family of three minor children, and their housing in Minsk was not.

"Something began writing rarely comes, as in the beginning, after the arrest of Sasha. Maybe because of the fact that soon the court?" — Says Natalya Klaskouski. Judging former policeman Klaskouski start on May 11 in the Leninsky district court, together with the ex-presidential candidates Nikolai Statkevich, Dmitry mustache and 4 participants in the events of December 19.

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