Dmitry Uss. Portrait against a lattice


Moustache Dmitry Ivanovich was born in 1971. At age 15, he was forced to go to work to financially support his mother. At the same time continued to receive a high school education.

Even then, Dmitri chose life motto — "Never give up!" And do not give up, graduating, working on the "integral", working director of "Trivium", or the acting deputy of Minsk city 23 convocation.

By the way the work of the deputy — public and requires a lot of attention to the voters.

Patrabavalnasts to themselves, to others, integrity, responsibility, desire started to bring the matter to its logical conclusion — that's what distinguishes Dmitry Uss. But the main concern of Dmitry — a family. This is a concern for his wife Eugenia of vasmiklyasniku — son Ivan.

A Jan. 10 2011and Dmitri newly learned the joy of fatherhood — family Mikhail Usov son.

We wish Dmitry never give up!

Vladimir Kolganov, head campaign headquarters ex-presidential candidate




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