Doctors found out what time of day a person feels happy

The analysis was performed on Communications on Twitter

Scientists from the U.S. spent two years getting to know — what time of day the person feels most happy? The researchers analyzed Twitter messages. Total examined 600 million messages from 2.5 million users in over 80 countries. The study found that users were more happy in the morning. By evening, the emotional mood of the people gradually deteriorates.

In addition, it became clear that most good mood in humans is in the winter months from December to January, according However, one must specify: a happy period ends, most likely, not at the end of January, and the 16th. This is the third Monday in January, which is the most depressing day of the year.

The conclusion reached by a British psychologist Cliff Arnell from the University of Cardiff. He has consumed a complex formula that takes into account the repulsive, usually, the weather, the fact that the holidays have passed and it is necessary to go to work, we must somehow plan for the future, take into account the fact that the money ran out, and the symptoms of a hangover, by contrast, is not completely disappeared . Not pleased with the fact that until the following holidays away.

By division and multiplication of special coefficients reflecting aforesaid state of the human soul in the middle of January, the scientist allegedly received date corresponding to the third Monday. Blue Monday (Blue Monday) call it in the West (for sexual minorities do not have anything.)

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