Doctors removed from the skull of the patients 10-centimeter nail




Doctors of a dental clinic in Colorado (Colorado), USA, were extremely surprised to find 10-centimeter nail stuck in the patient's skull, reports BBC News.

Patrick Lawler (Patrick Lawler) went to the dentist complaining of toothache and blurry vision. These symptoms bothered him for 6 days, since in operation by reversing pneumatic hammer in its sky entered nail. At the time of injury Lawler did not realize until the end what happened. Later, he tried to reduce the pain by taking a painkiller and applying ice. When it stopped to help, the man decided to see a doctor.

On examination it was found out that the nail was a member of Lawler's brain to a depth of 4 inches. "I was confident that the doctor is playing me," — said Patrick Lawler, but as it turned out, the dentist did not think of a joke. In my head Lawler really sat nail. According to doctors, Patrick was incredibly lucky. The nail did not get a little bit to his right eye — man risked losing eyesight.

At present, the victim recovers after 4-hour operation to extract the nail. Our doctors say that in their experience this is the second case where a person does not notice as a pneumatic hammer drives a nail into his head.


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