Doronin. Portrait against a lattice


We have a big happy family — eight children. In the senior has his family — there are three grandchildren. Four — minors in school. And our youngest daughter, who is now 10 years old, one and a half years longer than the first grandson. Dmitry — the second child in the family. And at the senior has always been responsible for the younger ones. They, along with the first daughter Snyazhanay really helped us to raise kids. In Snyazhany now my family, and Dima is still living with us.

I'm with him have never had any problems — a calm, even-tempered, very responsible guy. As a child, what does not, and was fond of football and swimming. After high school, trained as a locksmith. He served in the Army. After graduating from vocational schools worked together with me on the engine plant. But six months ago, moved to the car factory — the pay is higher.

Father we have — disabled the first group of visually impaired, the Company operates in the blind, the salary he is small. I am a mother of many children in the 50 years before retiring, but I continue to work on the engine plant at the machine in two shifts, because children should be raised. Dima has helped us financially, his salary goes into a large family. In the past year, got a new apartment. Older children who have their families back in the old. The furniture in the new apartment we bought on credit, it Dima paid. Bought a computer for younger children.

By nature he is a homebody. After work and on weekends all sitting at the computer. Not interested in politics. December 19, along with two friends were in the center, near the railway station. Friends are lost somewhere, when we went for a beer, and Dima with the crowd turned on the square. His 19th was detained for three hours kept at the site and released at night. He continues to work at the factory, everything seems to be silent. A March 14 came to him and took a job — they say, "calculated" on the video. First, I was comforted — released after three days. But not released. Came home with a search warrant, took off his cap and somehow Dima's hard drive. But on March 22 he was charged under Article 293 of the Criminal Code — "riots." I'm at the request of the lawyer took the characteristics of the engine and the factory where he had previously worked, and MAZ. When reading — praslyazilasya. Very good colleagues and superiors about it wrote.

Dima has a lot of friends. Somehow people tend to make friends with one or two people. And his army friends, friends from school — eight people.

Now Dima wrote cheerful letters that he is going to order feels good. But I know that he will never complain, will bravely hold on — that's his character

Now they are very helpful to our family, support both morally and financially. Transmission Dime worn on Volodarka. When we got a new apartment — organized relocation, helped themselves all the furniture assembled. Always help and in the country and dig up the ground and chop firewood. That's already asking when we are going to plant a vegetable garden, so that instead of Dima's work.

Now Dima wrote cheerful letters that he is going right, feels good. But I know that he will never complain, will bravely hold on — that's his character.

April 19, Dima was birthday. She took him to a great show, and more than 30 pounds a month is not accepted. But in the chamber with him sat a young man who did not pass. For holy — has already passed Easter, May Day celebrations ahead, I am very worried about everyone. If you would have written the names who did not pass, would have reacted more — we are in a large family used to share with everyone …

Galina Doronin, the mother of Dmitry Doronin

Doronin was born April 19, 1982 in Minsk. He graduated from vocational school number 8 before his arrest he worked as a mechanic at MAZ. Grew up in a large family in which eight children. He was detained on March 14 and work Incarcerated in Akrestsin. March 22 he was charged under Art. 293 Criminal Code — "Riots". Now in custody at the Volodarka.

Court of the Moscow district of Minsk

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