Dr. Feelgood in the British: A woman talks to animals and even their souls

December 24, 2012 19:09

Photo: Caters News Agency

Hairdresser cats and dogs 39-year-old Mandy Carr says that can understand the thoughts and feelings of animals, even those that are long dead. And recently took up the treatment of dogs, cats and even snakes.
She simply understands that pain in animals, and can talk about it to their masters. There is such a diagnosis session £ 100. And it claims to be able to receive messages even from dead animals.

Mandy first realized that he has an uncanny gift at age 20. She cut her at the time the dog, and realized that he could hear someone begging for a treat for yourself. She said: "When I realized that I could hear their thoughts four-footed client, I was scared to death. I thought that was crazy. " Now, says the psychic, she need only look at the photo pet to determine what he is sick or is thinking about in this photo.

"I can hear their thoughts, even when I go driving. Once I heard the voice of one of the cats, which had a haircut. I remember thinking — oh, no, not now. However, they do not ask where they had better climb into my head "- laughing hairdresser. It is worth to say that Mandy Carr congenital hearing problem, to each ear down her hearing aid. But she says she has always felt a special connection with animals, and deafness only strengthened it.


It claims to be able to communicate with animals that no longer exist in the world, mediating between the two worlds — this and that. Mrs. Carr says that most of the income that it receives from the owners of the animals for spiritualism and diagnostic sessions, donated it to the centers and charitable foundations that care about animals.

Mandy can even diagnose at a distance from the dog or cat. Recently, it has contacted the owner of a golden retriever from Australia and asked to find out what happens to her dog. She said that Nala dies of kidney disease, and it will not save. But Mrs. Carr helped her overcome the fear of leaving. When Nala was gone, she came into contact with her soul and told the owner that her favorite is okay. "Nala also told me that her mistress soon will have a new puppy, and that she gave it to colleagues for

As a medium-diagnostician struck meeting with a poodle named Zack, he told her that his brother ravaged flock greyhounds. His owner could not understand what was happening with Zach, why he's not himself. First man was skeptical regarding the ability of Mrs. Mandy, but when after a conversation with Zach was able to "talk" with a poodle and calm him down, the owner was overjoyed. By the way, most Mandy Carr house animals not because of her husband's allergic to them.
Vasily Borisov

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