On the 7th International show of defense systems and equipment DSEI-2013 (Defence and Security Equipment International) in London for the first time presented the Mexican sub-machine guns and Bulldog Cobra produced by Productos Mendoza, sold under the trademark of X-Arms. Implements these standards have never been exhibited outside the country, reports altair.com.pl.
HM-3 has a fairly traditional design, reminiscent of the Israeli «Uzi», with a shop in the handle and folding butt. Submachine gun got some popularity in the Mexican market in the midst of the military and the police, but because of legal restrictions never exported.
In 2011, the instrument was changed by moving the handle to the right side of the gate at the top, as «Uzi», with a recess for the band aiming. Brand new receiver has a fuse on the left side, which is controlled by the thumb of the right hand, and a new butt. Added device warning of chambering the last bullet into the chamber from the magazine.
In 2012, in order to implement HM-3 outside of Mexico was created by the company X-Arms, which sells products Productos Mendoza guns in the world. The company offers upgraded submachine gun under the names Cobra (barrel length 255 mm, weight: 2.77 kg without magazine length with folded / unfolded butt 400/606 mm, the rate of fire 550 rounds / min), Cobra Short (dynamic barrel 201 mm, weight 2.57 kg, length 330/535 mm, the rate of fire 700 rounds / min) and Bulldog (barrel length 153 mm, weight 2.35 kg, length 275/490 mm, the rate of fire 800 rounds / min). Magazine capacity 20 or 32 rounds.
Mexican police received the first batch of two thousand modified HM-3 three years back, in 2013 will be completed delivery of an additional 3 thousand such SMGs. X-Arms has already received the first export contract — the gun was purchased by Costa Rica.

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