Earth is changing

July 31, 2012 12:48

The media is constantly duplicated film about the end of the world. End of the world this year will not be. That's right! According to "The outlook on the restructuring of the quantum world," the year 2012 is energy-heavy. Because this year, finished the plasma forms in the atmosphere and the inner worlds of the planet to readers, especially those who have recently started to get acquainted with our information, I dedicate this post. It is for them, I will do a retreat and go back to the explanations. Inner worlds of the planet to exist as long as there was life on planet Earth. All the planets of life-there solyarisnaya system multiple universes with different energy density, of which only one is a dense material. This is a very complex system of exchange and transformation of energy. Describe it in detail makes no sense. It is described in E. Blavatsky, the Roerich and many inner worlds described by Daniel Andreev in the book "Rose of the World" and many writers of science fiction.

 Now is the time when approaching the end of the quantum transition. Call it a quantum leap is very difficult. For a space where time does not exist, this process can be called a jump, but for us, the people living on the planet — a period lasting almost 200 years, 100 years, as a preparatory step to the growing speed, and 100 years as a period of adjustment, followed by slower . Slowing the offensive over a quiet period in the life of the planet.
That's what our scientists reported: "It is no secret that over the years, the Earth's rotation is slowing down. Three billion years ago the day lasted 13 hours, and now one full rotation takes 23 hours 56 minutes 4 seconds. Previously, scientists believed that the slowdown has been gradual, and the length of the Earth day increased by 0.02 seconds in a century. However, new measurements show that today changes in the rotation of the Earth have become much more important, according to the calculations of Professor Jankowski frightening Earth stops its rotation and completely stopped January 16, 2013. It will become a permanent day on one side of the world and permanent night on the other. Those people who will be on the dark side of the Earth will live in a dark cold world permafrost. A plant whose life depends on photosynthesis will die in a few weeks.
However, all other e also big trouble. Imagine a spinning top. Before stopping, he begins to waver. The same thing will happen to our planet. Fluctuations will shift continental plates. The result will be a giant tsunami and earthquake that will kill millions. "
If you believe the arguments of scientists, this day of 16 January 2013 for us around the corner. And today land was to describe its axis unimaginable diameter circles. However, it does not. Here, the secret is that this planet is not suitable for mechanics. One end of the axis of a spinning top rests on a plane, and therefore describes the upper end of the oscillating wheels, slowing its rotation. More on top the force of friction at the point of contact between the axis and the plane. To the planet such forces do not act, it employs another mechanic — space, which scientists know little. For example, the dark matter they have some guesses, and they lead to a dead end. Such knowledge is not given earthlings because of the weak of mind. All in good time. While our kontaktanty give us an introduction to the quantum structure of matter, its principles, programs matrix hologram. By the way, the hologram in terms of people, this is a light show depicting what — or object or person in air cover. In fact, the planetary hologram is very different. This is a fairly extensive spherical layer in the atmosphere that at the quantum (light) level contains all the programs for the formation and life of the mother and the relationship with all the structures of the planet, from the core, and ending with its outer layers of energy security. It is connected by thin beams — vortices of mental energy. These rays are uniformly fed to the entire cortical surface of the globe, where the synthesis of energy. Slowing down the rotation of the planet, is the time to periodically enter the planet in the galactic synchronization beam. To this period of increased activity of tectonic processes, state changes, and the nature of consciousness. increases the activity of industrial society, as a result of natural selection occurs all spent, and unnecessary planet. It does not matter that it will be spent and unnecessary plant, or person. The difference between the plant and animal worlds is only in the fact that the plants, having minimal intelligence programs, contain a wealth of information in the form of elements. In the transition to a new stage of development, the plant dies or is served their time, or mutates. Today this process is pronounced, and observant person notices the changes. Burning wood, many plants die in the gardens and orchards. They have a new taste. At long familiar kinds of vegetables and fruits, new quality. The same thing happens with animals and with humans. Animals become smarter, there are cases dealing with people on a telepathic level. From the man also undergone substantial changes, as in the mind, and in the needs and habits. Many complain of a lack of appetite, reduced food intake, the choice of products. Complain of heart problems, dizziness, weakness, depression and apathy to everything. This is a process of adjustment of the organism at the level of gene structure, the foundations of the atomic nucleus.
And here are the first evidence of this, scientists confirm discovery of new blood groups.
"Scientists from the American University of Vermont have found two new groups of human blood. And they themselves were surprised his discovery, as was previously thought that these groups of people have only four. Now the list will be revised. New blood are called "lendzheris» (Lanqerejs) «Junior» (Junior), Project Manager Bryan Ballif expressed hope that their discovery will help to solve many problems in medicine. For example, such as miscarriage healthy women. As it turns out now, the cause is an immunological incompatibility of mother and fetus. "
But the question here is not only such mutations as related to the program to reduce the human population. The planet is overpopulated, the reduction of its inhabitants due to the cleaning and selection of shower as their consciousness and accumulated experience. Reduction in the population is already underway, and will come a point mass reduction. The reasons may be different from the global crop failure, to disasters, catastrophes, new diseases and epidemics. It's not about how and where will people go into the fourth dimension. The bottom line is — what has turned out and bought Soul. And here in '13 will solve one of the problems — CHANGE parallel worlds, that is, to change the nature of the planet. How exactly will this happen? Yes, as is happening today. Of the program matrix and hologram effects on certain places. In stages, one after another, will finish its action stage of development, giving energy to the space of the planet, then space, radiating it through spheroids plasmoids, fireballs and other energy clusters, which will be formed from the collapsed dense matter, which changes into energy. But as the saying goes: "A holy place is never empty." Against this background, in the space of the atmosphere in its atmospheric layers are formed with new energy development programs. These energies go into the core of the planet. process causes the tectonic response, strengthening them, and changing climate. Changing climate is called thermal processes that occur both in the planetary worlds inside of the planet and its cortex, where we live. All processes are programmed. But there are dark forces in the world — the low-frequency vibrations, which interfere with the development and implementation of programs, and there are moments of silence, or fading, and sometimes the regression — the return to the original position to the old program. This is the time dilation, the slowdown of program updates. Instead of swinging axis of the planet like a top. The planet will not stop the flood will not be like the world of fire. Everything is local, and of course, much depends on the person who needs to just stop the arms race, to eliminate all nuclear stockpiles and waste, and all that is connected with it. Because it is already working the planet itself. Now and then there fly ammunition depots and other caches. And if humanity does not do in a very short time frame, to survive after a global clearing unit will throughout the world. Not useful any bunkers and shelters or under the ground or under water, or in near space.

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