Earth is flat, round, hollow

July 24, 2012 8:54

"Those who firmly believed that the earth was flat, never dared to walk to the edge to make sure the back, because they were convinced that it was flat. Those who believed that it was round, floated around for many, many times. They believed that the earth was round. But they did not know whether it was round. It was flattened, cracked at the seams, was flat on top and bottom and empty inside. But those who believe that it is a solid, will never know the other, because they would never enter his head inside and find the opposite. This is because their understanding is limited. But it is, nevertheless, true.

Be unlimited in its truth, Master. Know that your world is round. But if you want to be even more unlimited in its truth, know that it is flattened at the top and bottom, to be even more unlimited, know that it is empty inside. Well, to be more unlimited creation, know that the center of your Earth densely populated. "
An excerpt from the "White Paper".
Lama Govinda:
"… Yellow light inner sun visible eye …"
Jeshua ben Joseph
"… One thing — there is a sun in the middle of everything."

Since then, people have agreed to assume the earth is round, the old view of a flat was ridiculed as totally irrational. Given that it is hollow and, because of its structure (as seen from the maps of anomalous zones, which form an icosahedron, which, in turn, points to the dodecahedral core, which is also a confirmation) we can get a sphere with a triangular disaggregated soootvetstvenno, it became possible to obtain its sweep in the plane with a certain thickness. That is, we have a real flat land, "namotanuyu" to force three elephants: the gravitational force, the centripetal and centrifugal. After all, if you imagine a plane of this magnitude, then go driven by these forces is the only way to live and move in space. So, the earth is flat. And round. And flattened at the poles. And empty inside.
Excerpts from the author's book.

Michael Stupak

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