Earthquake could kill 320,000 people

Government of Japan, a study was conducted, which resulted in the figure of 320,000 people, more than last year. That's how much a person can die as a result of the possible in the near future earthquakes in the Pacific.

Estimate of the number of victims was based on data from the last strong earthquake of 9 points, which caused a tsunami that reached the shores of Japan.

The Cabinet Office has assumed an earthquake during the night of winter with strong winds, which help the waves reach a height of up to 34 meters, from which many will die while sleeping.

In such a situation, many of the 323,000 drowned by the tsunami will be crushed by falling objects or in fires caused by the disaster.

March 11 last year, when there was an earthquake of 9 points, was the beginning of the day, causing a wave height of 20 meters. about 19,000 were killed or went missing when the tsunami hit the plant Fukusima Daiichi, which was the destruction of the reactor's largest in a generation.

Speaking to reporters, Minister of State for Disaster Management, said that while they live in Japan, they can not deny the possibility of a major earthquake and tsunami.

The report was prepared with the most terrible consequences that can happen. This will allow officials to more properly prepare for such a scenario and save more lives.
The last report was made in 2003, but it has indicated an earthquake 8.4 points and a smaller area.
The most deadly earthquake in Japan's history occurred in 1923, killing at least 100,000 people.

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