Earthquake in eastern Siberia

The third earthquake of magnitude 5.2 occurred in the Republic of Tuva, February 27. According to seismologists, the epicenter was located 130 kilometers east of Kyzyl. In addition, recorded over 16 powerful aftershocks.

On the eve of Tuva was second in the last two months of the earthquake magnitude 6.7. Vibrations were felt, at least in seven Russian regions at a distance of more than a thousand kilometers from the epicenter.

"When it started, I was in the garden. We had a quiet hour. From the ceiling crumbled mortar, it seemed that the ceiling would collapse now. I woke up and raised children, we went outside, and an earthquake all went, "- said head of the kindergarten" howcast "Kyzyl Julia Tsibin.

In the village school Saryg-Sep sagging ceilings collapsed floor, cracked plaster. According to director of the school Galina Saryglar if an earthquake of such strength again, the school building may collapse.

On Sunday in the country were open more than 40 evacuation points, calculated to six thousand people. More than 500 residents of Tuva, which had spent the night in points for fear of further aftershocks, have returned to their homes.

Source: RIA Novosti

The earthquake did not result in visible damage to roads and bridges Khakassia

Earthquake in Tuva has not led to the destruction and damage to bridges and roads in Khakassia, said on Monday the Ministry of Transport and Roads of the Republic.

"Based on the decision of the Republican Commission for Emergency Situations Ministry of Transport conducted a survey of Khakassia objects. At the moment due to seismic event of destruction were found, experts continue to conduct a detailed inspection, "- said the press service of the Ministry.

According to the Ministry of Transport of the region were tested bridges over the river Abakan and Yenisei rivers and roads of national significance and the federal highway M54 "Yenisei".

Source: RIA Novosti

Seismologists have recorded 16 powerful aftershocks in Tuva 

Russian seismologists have recorded 16 powerful aftershocks — repeated earthquakes with magnitude 4.3 — in the area of the epicenter of the earthquake that occurred on the eve of Tuva, told RIA Novosti on duty Geophysical Service RAS.

"The epicenter of yesterday's earthquake, we recorded 16 aftershocks with a magnitude of just above 4.3, are aftershocks with a magnitude smaller. Recorded aftershocks with a magnitude of 5.4, 5.3, 5.2, "- said the agency interlocutor.

She said the aftershocks may last months. "With the December earthquake aftershocks continue even now" — said an employee of GS RAS.

Source: RIA Novosti

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