Earthquake in the Inland Empire

Inland Empire is Southern California with a population of 4 million people. In those days, local residents are in constant fear and excitement from recurrent small earthquakes.
Over the weekend several earthquakes occurred near Devore, Idyllwild and Indio. Earthquake in Devore on Saturday morning reached the level of 3.8 points. Recent tremors were near the San Andreas fault, which can become even greater.

For comments addressed to the professor from UC Riverside and an expert on earthquakes Gareth Faningu. They produced estimates of shocks over the same period last year, as a result it was that in the last year by 200 aftershocks greater than that.

The last major rupture San Andreas occurred 330 years ago near Fort Tejon (Tejon) north of Los Angeles. According Faninga 50 50, in the next 30 years will see a widening rift. Again, the expert said that the pressure on the fault is not so severe that it leads to the fact that California will go under the ocean. On the contrary, it would raise the state above.
And what is happening now, it is just pure coincidence.

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