Earthquakes in the Atlantic do not threaten Russia tsunami — Roshydromet

Earthquakes in the waters of the Atlantic can not cause a tsunami, threatening the territory of Russia, RIA Novosti Valery Kosykh, Head of Federal Information and Analytical Center Roshydromet responsible for tsunami warnings.

As previously reported, 17.43 MSK in the Atlantic Ocean, near the island of Jan Mayen between Iceland and Svalbard earthquake with magnitude 6.6. The epicenter was located 400 kilometers from Greenland, his focus was at a depth of 8 kilometers.

According to preliminary data of the Geophysical Survey of RAS, the magnitude of the earthquake was about 6.5, focal depth — about 10 kilometers.

"The only region of Russia, risk of a tsunami — is the Far East, the Pacific Coast" — said Kosykh.

In turn, the Director of the Geophysical Service RAS Alexei Malovichko said RIA Novosti that the Pacific Ocean is a subduction zone — a region where one tectonic plate "dives" on the other.

"So there during earthquakes dominate the vertical oscillations that trigger a tsunami, and the Atlantic is dominated by horizontal vibrations, which can not cause a tsunami," — he said.

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