Education Ministry will purchase 900 school buses

The Corporation "Standard" (Kiev) Boryspil Automobile Plant (BAZ, Kyiv region), the company "AIS-Capital" (Kiev) and the Ukrainian Automobile Corporation ("UkrAuto") agreed with the State Scientific Institution "Institute of Innovative Technologies and Education" Ministry of Education and Science, Youth and Sports of the delivery of 900 school buses in the amount of 321 million hryvnia to September. This is stated in the report of the Institute, published on the web portal of public procurement.

In particular, the BAZ has won the tender for the supply of 465 school buses in the amount of 166.5 million hryvnia, and the "AIS-Capital" — 222 school buses in the amount of 78.8 million hryvnia and "UkrAuto" — 213 school buses in the amount of 75.7 million hryvnia. Contracts entered into on May 30.

Recall that in September last year during a press conference at the end of the Forum of Ministers of Education of European countries "School of the XXI century: Kyiv Initiative" Minister of Education and Science, Youth and Sport of Ukraine Dmitriy Tabachnik said key financial indicators for the formation of the budget of Ukraine for 2012 year.

"If this year allocated 75 million hryvnia for school buses, the draft Law 354 million hryvnia — that's five times more. This year we are going to deliver 214 buses to schools, in the future, 2012 is five times — more than 1000 units "- said the Minister.

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