Eight tips from the islanders-lived

It's no secret that a Mediterranean diet helps to achieve longevity, but a way of life also deserves attention.

In the Aegean Sea is a small rocky island called Ikaria, most of its inhabitants live to ninety. Here are a few secrets of longevity by scholars a few years to study the life of the islanders:

Herbal tea

Icarians it very much. Varieties of herbal tea from this island has a mild diuretic effect, it helps to reduce blood pressure and to ward off dementia. Natural diuretics are yarrow, dandelion, nettle and green tea. The healing properties of green tea are amazing, perhaps with him, and you should start.

Forty winks

Icarians as typical island residents who did not wake up and do not open a store before will feel rested. Afternoon siesta reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, such as heart attack. Also it will help you feel fresh and active for the rest of day.

Fresh vegetables

Their diversity in Ikaria to 150 different varieties than the local residents are very proud of. Most of what Icarians eat, they grow themselves. As in a typical Mediterranean diet, their diet includes meat and sugar at least against the background of an abundance of vegetables, such as beans, and fresh, antioxidant-rich olive oil.

Goat's milk

Goat's milk is easier to digest cow, in addition it contains tryptophan — an amino acid that plays an important role in combating stress. Goat cheese contains vitamin D, though, thanks to a sunny climate Ikaria residents do not feel the lack of it.


People living in mountain regions Ikaria much have to go to the top. Except in rare cases associated with haste, the islanders prefer long and leisurely walks, for example, a trip to visit.

Bathing in hot springs

The word "radium" is often scary, but Icarians enjoyed hot springs containing radium, since the fourth century. This procedure relieves pain in joints, relieves stress and soothes the skin.

Less alcohol

Icarians not drink large amounts of beer is tasteless or encumber purse and saturated sugar cocktails contrast, drinking and eating habits they observe moderation. To escape from his few worries, they prefer the company of each other. This point brings us smoothly to the next.

The ability to relax

Stress can lead to numerous diseases better than bad habits. Polyubopytstvuyte Icarians at the time. Most likely, he does not know or does not care. By modern mobile life to come so hard, as do residents of Icaria, but mastering some techniques to deal with stress can extend your life by years. It could be exercise, yoga, meditation, or just a fifteen-minute break for a cup of herbal tea.

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