Einsteins laws are ghosts

November 10, 2011 11:36

The theory of relativity proves the existence of ghosts.
Not only enthusiasts interested in what happens to the soul of man, if it exists at all, after his death. This time, the researchers decided to contribute to the study, which mainly were amateur. American researcher answered the question of the existence of the soul, using the laws of physics, discovered by Einstein.
American psychologist John Kachuba, author of "Ghostbusters", said, in fact, the laws of Einstein proved that the energy of the human body does not disappear after his death. According to the theory of relativity, the legendary German physicist, any energy in the universe is constant, that is, it is always present and can not be destroyed by anything. It turns out, after the death of a person remains some energy matter, which can not be destroyed because of their physical properties.

Einstein argued that all space is filled with an invisible substance, which he called the "ether." Emptiness can not be, otherwise all the known laws of physics — like gravity or the propagation of light — simply would not exist. American psychologist also suggested that the "ether" — this is the same energy that is released from the body after death.

"When we eat, we will convert the stored plants or animals of thermal energy in our own, in a kind of biological electricity. That it makes the heart beat, the lungs — to breathe, so we can move. When physical death occurs, this electricity is released. It does not just melt in the air and connected with the matter, which fills the space, does not make it empty, "- suggested a new interpretation of the theory of relativity Kachuba.

However, he stressed that this does not prove the existence of any translucent spheres: women in white, rattling shackles elders, etc. His theory of the purely scientific, based on the laws of physics. "I would not have wanted to be mistaken for another seeker of paranormal activity, these horror stories do not interest me," — he said.

But Neil Johnson, a psychologist at the University of Chicago, is of the opinion that ghosts are only imaginary. "It's all imagination and mind games. When we really want to see something, we think it is, and then start to believe that indeed witnessed the inexplicable. Each of us can think of at least three stories in the dark when a man took a hanger in the hallway. Our imagination is played especially when the receptors are not getting enough information, in other words, when the sight or hearing meets with obstacles, "- he explained.

American psychologist to always look for a rational explanation of events. Faulty wiring can cause the light that suddenly goes off. The old floorboards or noise neighbors can often be made for the presence of spirits. And the things that suddenly appear and disappear again, this is nothing like a simple forgetfulness. Many people take pictures of the empty rooms to low-quality cameras, and then get pictures with transparent spheres. Johnson notes in this regard that we should at least occasionally to clean the lens.

This statement may disappoint mediums and parapsychologists, with instruments prowl the enchanted places and the old mansion in hopes to document poltergeist. But does not interfere with those who are doing good business in the people's love for the unknown.

For example, Lynn Moses, owner of the old mansion Larimer, invited a group of researchers in order to establish the level of paranormal activity. Then, having acquired the official confirmation of the existence of ghosts in the house, I decided that we should not go to waste good and organized a "ghost tour" of the mansion Larimer. Tour price is $ 10 per person, pre-registration is required. Other owners of such property while waiting for the arrival of researchers with infrared cameras.

Vitaly Nikonorov

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