Electric boy died from water

May 29, 2012 7:23

Until recently, the family Borodins living in Engels's Saratov region, grew unique child. 5-year-old Bogdan felt electric shocks and could easily touch the exposed wires.

Extraordinary abilities with his youngest son, Elena Borodina said after the accident, which occurred with the older child.

— Senior Sergey growing restless. One day he was walking down the street and got into the transformer vault, which is near our house — told mom "elektromalchika." — His strong electric shock. He stood in the box and could not get out, he was shaking.

At this point, beside his brother was the youngest son of Elena Bogdan. He was scared for his brother and grabbed him by the arm, pulled out of the booth. Parents were taken to the hospital but the older boy.

— When the doctor began to question, I told him that Bogdan feels good. He stayed at home with my sister. Doctors were surprised. According to them, Bogdan was also an electric shock, as Sergei. They said that I would always showed GP — continues Helen.

The next day, parents invited to a district physician. After seeing Bogdan, a doctor found no trace of injury to a child by a powerful discharge of electricity.

A unique case of resistance to current hit local doctors, but to fully explore the unusual case of doctors could not. Survey baby is only in Moscow, but the family Borodins can not yet afford it.

— The child has a characteristic anemia occurred receptors that are sensitive to the perception of an electric current. High voltage in this case acted as an analgesic, temporarily depriving the boy the ability to feel any discomfort associated with the impact of the current. Receptors can recover from long-term therapy or may themselves. Medicine in this case clearly has nothing to say, — the primary care physician Andrew Rafalski.

The unique ability of the younger son became a family treasure. At every opportunity parents proud to show his "elektromalchika."

— Dad repaired our outlet, distracted for a moment, and when he turned, saw the outlet Bogdan soldiers iron sticks. Thinking that the electricity is turned off, the husband got into the socket, and it hit hard shock, and Bogdan stands by and laughs at it, — says Elena.

For passage rehabilitation mom Bogdan immediately took him to the Black Sea coast and in the first day of the rest "elektromalchik" died.

— We walked along the promenade, — said Elena Borodina. — Bogdan with his older brother, Sergei run away from me to the parapet. I called them to immediately retreated, but Bogdan a fidget! He saw awash toy squeezed through the bars of fences to get a better look at her. He kept one hand on the rod. Railing was wet, there was a windy, wave reaches the very edge of the pier. Apparently, his hands slipped.

The mother ran to the water, but Bogdan was nowhere to be seen. With the four-meter baby fell into the sea and went straight to the bottom.

Eyewitnesses rushed to the tragedy of a child. Bogdan body only got half an hour. The baby was already dead.

— When the water got, Bogdan was all blue — crying for mama. — Artificial respiration, cardiac massage, but nothing helped.

Now the child is a unique body in the morgue resort. Next week, the drowned "elektromalchika" buried in his native Engels.


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