People — being multidimensional. Each of his body and into our solar system, Level Seven, composed of matter inherent in the space plane of the planet, which is associated with consciousness embodied Monad. The four main bodies in the world people are the foundation, the basis, so that people can exist in lower dimensions-reality.

By spiritual bodies of man are: buddhic, atmic. monadic. This is the body that is the essence of Soul spiritual man. The soul of man is immortal, if separated from its higher spiritual "I". Monad in terrestrial worlds is not a perfect being. It evolves in its quest for higher 'I' can only achieve immortality by merging with Him. We come to the secret of immortality, No soul of any origin (stellar or terrestrial) can not remain imperfect worlds, if it did not happen on the energy substitution energies of a higher order, as her body will burn, will not withstand high-frequency vibrations of higher spaces. If an unprepared consciousness "clothing" will be released in the lower realms of higher space, it will be like a person from entering a high voltage in the world.

Before we will merge with the Spirit, to enlighten the mind and body, and it needs to go through a long process of changing the internal structures in the first place — the restoration of the integrity of DNA. The first impetus for this is the inspiration. Throughout life there are many insights. They are accompanied by clarification of thoughts, awareness of errors and the desire to correct them. Is to work on them. Brainwave attract enough high-energy, and eventually the state of enlightenment becomes stable. The light is attracted only by light, so a change of consciousness leads to sustainable enlightenment and then transformation.

Many books of esoteric content offers practice on the path of enlightenment consciousness. In our view, The path of enlightenment — is the path of human evolution.
Set of mental practices of work with the energies allow partial purification thin body for a short time, and not enlightened consciousness, which is based on self-improvement!

The evolution of humanity is moving forward from the point of origin of the soul consciousness, directed first to the sense of self and purpose of existence. Future path determines the development and refinement of the subtle bodies, education thinking, and only after this enlightenment consciousness in the light descending from the higher realms of cosmic knowledge. Enlightenment consciousness is impossible without its extension.
This means that the person is ready to accept new ideas, to form a new world through great changes in their lives. Old hidebound thinking limits soul in manifestation. Because of this, a person can not receive flows of high energies, which are renewal and transformation. Limitation is due to the perception of the world obsolete principles, which retards the development of thin bodies. Spiritual energy descends from the higher 'I', but they can not be assimilated by consciousness, which is in a passive state. If a person is happy in his life (house, the rhythm of life, family), he does not want to renew the senses, perception of the world, does not want to know about the source of its origin and life in general, does not dream of star travel, all this says about its restriction of of human existence. Such passivity leads to the degradation of the individual.

The Spirit — This is a ray of the sun, the particles of the universe and the divine Mind, this is life and movement.
Spirit is always active and is looking for ways to express themselves. In the incarnation, he enlightens consciousness only those people who are always on the lookout for opportunities of self-knowledge and God disclosure abilities, giving them a lifetime. Ways of self-expression — is reflected in the way the Spirit of solid matter.

Aware of its imperfections, but it wants a spiritual ideal, the man on the move, wanting the world through the knowledge to improve the qualities of the soul. Working on a through-life situations, a person goes to meet the Spirit, that is, to God, and do step by step on the stairs ascent of consciousness. The spirit of love and meets his reward in the form of subtle energies. The greater aspirations for the highest ideals of man manifests and embodies in his life, the greater the energy of the Spirit holds in his mind. The potential of light in it is growing, and the minute insight merge in the timeaboutm flow in the process of enlightenment. Passivity and inaction only if the desire for enlightenment can not be a driving force in self-improvement. The desire reflects only plan. To realize it, Mr.uzhno work, work!

Space is born as a result of patient incessant hard work of the hosts of beings, striving for perfection is not only their works, but also themselves. If they remained at the same level of development, and their creation could not have evolved. Representatives of the Supreme Mind assume that the ideal is always up their minds, and constantly seeking ways to self, appealing to the Supreme 'I'. Everyone there is a higher "I" a lot. This hierarchy of consciousness of the Supreme Intelligence. The more people, the small "spark" of the universe, must realize that The path of self-improvement is endless, and his consciousness without striving for the Light can get caught up in darkness, fall into a state of nothingness. This is passive. It leads to the crystallization of Matter, compaction energy and death of the soul. Everything in the universe is in constant motion, without which no life. Even the smallest cell of the human body constantly works to her allotted time, otherwise it will die.

Why do most people do not realize it? Their main job is to nourish the physical body to sustain life in dense world. Live like animals and birds to survive, but the man is not just to eat and reproduce. His Spirit is born of the spiritual sun, so there are different needs and goals: a revival of the spiritual life.

To revive the spiritual life, to the enlightenment of consciousness, is the revival of the Light, as life in the Spirit. Need to change the inactivity of the movement in the vertical direction.
To take the first step to the spiritual sun, you need to prepare yourself in the space for the Light. To do this, perform an audit of your life, throw rubbish, and instead accept the divine light of the Spirit. So step by step to the end of the incarnation, not sparing himself, but treat others with compassion for people, because it is thanks to them that we have learned of God and find themselves in the space of the Spirit. For all have the strength, if you always remember that we are children of God. Everything comes by faith and aspiration to the light. Let the clear light of the Spirit enlighten your mind and heart. Then the darkness will not be hiding, and ascend to the divine consciousness of the Source and become immortal. God wants it! By seeking your Spirit!


You're innocent angel on Earth was born,
Error-free and heavy karma
But, having lived many lifetimes, you are "LOAD"
Sanskar bag, which for you invisible.

He pulls up and interferes with life moving
Spiritual stairs to the stars up.
Look at yourself, you can doubt
But all the power over you, Throw "bag" and straighten!

Your Sanskar — it disadvantages
With which you can compete,
And, having won a "negative", the beginnings of the Soul
In the form of talent to continue to develop.

As you all well, it is only hidden for a long time
So deep that you need to work hard —
Extract power from the depths of its principles,
Physically and spiritually transformed!

You can become a talented, funny,
Happy and successful in business,
If you understand that the path of any established
On Space Law, agreed with the Spirit,
And everything is in your hands!



A fragment from the book "Triumph of the Spirit"

Spiritual "core"

Spiritual "core" is the driving force in the search for Truth, an indicator of stability in severe trials, the symbol of strength of spirit. All the Children of Light are a spiritual "core", but not all of it can withstand the load taken Soul on their shoulders. Let's look at the components of which is built up this "core"?

Soul — subtle creature with individual development objectives, but every small mind is like a drop of water, which, together with other drops of the great ocean of consciousness. The purer consciousness individual drop, the purer water (consciousness) of the ocean. We can compare the energy space around us with the ocean. In order not to pollute the water (energy) of the ocean, one must thoroughly cleansing in all layers (levels), water basin. You understand that the main "dirt", the heaviest particles fall to the bottom. If they do not bother, they are amenable to the process of decay, decay, dying. There are organisms that feed on waste and decomposition obsolete organisms living in deep water layers, creating a pan, with a useful layer at the bottom. What's he do for you? Apparently, there are pieces of organisms and their mothers can finish building the missing those beings or entities that use it as a building fabric.

Space can be compared with the ocean of life, in which, at different spatial Layers-level, there are many forms that live there, where they are adapted initially, with the function and purpose of the habitat. At the very bottom in hopeless darkness, there are also some organisms. They are adapted to live without light, but their existence is bleak, flows in a constant struggle for survival, many are killed, and remains at the bottom, not knowing that there is another, more active life in the sun. Dying organisms become material to create new forms and space structures, and the consciousness of the former entities, disengaging, pouring into the energy field of the layer of the unconscious, where they remained.

Bleak picture, but many people still live in survival instinct, without seeking spiritual light of the sun. The role played by purging disease of the physical body, which give signals to reflect on the causes. Instead, people suffer, suffer or endure. They turn to medicine, not trying to understand the cause of diseases, contaminating the surrounding area more energies of negative emotions. Instead of cleaning in the process of realizing their mistakes, they are further enhancing the pollution of the energy space of the earth. This is a waste of human mental activity. Nourish the delicate nature of the Plan, which play the role of sanitary workers. Having a sufficient amount of food, they multiply and become vampires, waiting booty. People will teach them to be present there, constantly feeding their emanations *. Why, they ask, these entities to clear the space, if nothing, they get their food next to a man? Energy dregs of humanity is so polluted space, that space vacuum trucks no longer cope with the problem. Many of them are killed by "eating", "obesity", literally choking on the mental poisoning the planet's atmosphere. People are also swimming in the energetic "stool" can not break out of the vicious circle, dying in a swamp, which have created. They would have a glass of clean energy, but where to get them?

On these images show how it looks now, the lower etheric and lower astral plane of Earth, where the consciousness of people spend their time, when the physical body is asleep. Energy of the planet updated brighten the space, but they can learn just being deliberately takes light, others are ill, rejecting high-frequency energy. Negative energies in the etheric and astral body of man tend to thicken and create "blocks", blocks access of energy to the cell body. Energy starvation is the cause of many diseases,
but starvation is only the result of negative thinking and emotions, appropriate mental experiences. Vicious cycle that seems impossible to break, and even more to leave purified without suffering.

Man was not created for suffering, and for the joy of being, but the imperfection of his thinking while plunges it into energy, which he distorts and pollutes himself drinking this "water." Without changing the way of thinking in a positive way, you can not change the quality of thought, and thus the quality of life. If each of us start the day with a divine spirit of the positive situation, and at the end of the day analyzing the actions and their motives, then gradually be cleansed from the ancient husk delusions, which were created over the centuries. Then we could make a life-giving energy healing cocktail higher 'I' through the spiritual "core."

Spiritual "core" is a revised past experience.
It links the higher consciousness 'I' to the lower of its manifestations, "sparks" of consciousness, embodied in the depths of matter. In our case, the "spark" of consciousness live at the "bottom" of the space of the universe. After each incarnation of the soul experience small sum to the general treasury, but not in the form of sealed events, outcomes and developed spiritual qualities. They help in recurring or new unfamiliar situations to use the memory of the past in the form of energy, aimed at understanding the causes of what is happening and choice in a positive aspect to secure the moment of success in the mind. Success is stored and the repetition of difficult situations a person seeks to fix it again and again, producing the type of positive thinking. Such thinking attracts energy of appropriate quality, strengthens the mind and heals the physical body. Illuminating your space, this man is having an impact on the space of loved ones, helping to keep negative emotions and actions. This is the spiritual care without imposing personal worldview.

Spiritual "core" can be seen as the unconscious, prompting the man the choice that is closer to his inner "I". He unconsciously drawn to the manifestation of his spiritual essence and expression, while maintaining stability even in a great temptation, but in this incarnation could not have such experience. This is the precious qualities of Soul, protect oneself from what should not happen, or does not help to fall low, do not lose yourself. If so, something happened degrading the dignity of mind, the spiritual "core" does not lose faith in themselves and push again and again to get up and go, to keep up with performance goals, to comprehend the wisdom of life.

Before going on self-awareness and personal problems, the Children of Light stuffed lot of bumps and bruises in distress, and sometimes lose a landmark in my life. Anyway, if the mind prevails positive thinking and inner integrity, conscience, this person pull through, get out of any quagmire overcome all adversity. But the lessons will further strengthen the spiritual "core", and it will become invincible, and a compassionate heart.

Do not understand the suffering of others, until prochuvstvuesh all by yourself.
Children of Light evolve near the earth Children. They have no competition: who is the fastest run so far to the target, who is better? To compensate for the speed of the evolutionary spiral of the Children of Light (they grow faster), they are given more difficult tasks in the field of mental life, and the responsibility increases. Initially Children of Light as living incarnations of ratio of 1:4, and the responsibility of 1:10. As the experience of soul determines the rate of progress at an accelerated rate, but the incarnation become less frequent, and the power budget increases. At the end of the cycle of incarnations numbers are changed in such a ratio: the complexity of the programs in the embodiments Children of Light increases 3,7,10 times the programs of our time of the Middle Ages, and the responsibility has increased by the same factor as the length of life in the physical world, to have time to integrate the lessons learned in the higher plane. Of course, much depends on the existing experience, so there is not the same program and the same measures of accountability, all individually. The higher consciousness, the more responsibility.

Spiritual "core" brings ever all categories, without exception, Shower.
This is their treasure in heaven, but we must remember that the Children of Light have a "dowry" of cosmic parents, great potential of light and natural ability that you just develop. Children of the Earth have a common energy source (the sun), and the ability to turn out to be a heavy daily work, which is also still need to learn. All work must, of course, but better at those who have the stock, though hidden, but still features not starting from scratch, and to continue the initiated Parents, increasing available. It's the same as earthly parents separated portion economy young, and they start to work, already having something to start, quickly learn the science of farming and additionally acquire all necessary for material well-being.

Parents also have their parents. From generation to generation the legends of the past, the experience of being the basis of the material and spiritual existence. So "seeds" stellar newcomers have had from the beginning of its existence in the terrestrial worlds parent "dowry" as a time capsule containing the nuggets of wisdom. It may be called innate spiritual "core" Children of Light. Children of the Earth from birth in the system do not have it. They have with special evolutionary programs to gain experience, but, as a matter of dense worlds constantly flashes of fire extinguishes, this work is not a very good result for space requirements. This result we can see at the end of cycles of civilizations. Please see the inspiration, work, some of the achievements and even the flourishing of culture, science, and then the decline of morals, the destruction has been achieved. The reason can be explained by the fact that not enough light to keep the achievements and future development.

Spiritual growth must be constant. If there is no progress, there comes the time of the stoppage, be sure to follow the fall. To keep the energy balance, the balance is very difficult, sometimes impossible, because enlightenment does not receive the entire civilization, but only part of it, especially the "advanced" people. To "sunset" of civilization they go for a long time, and when necessary, return again to help younger brothers try lifting of the soul. Rise — fall. According to this principle is evolving humanity and all sentient beings. This is a natural process. Enlightened consciousness set the rhythm of evolution. Through them the hierarchy provides the knowledge, they also complete cycles to take stock and re-assist junior seeking to know themselves and God.

Our civilization twelfth, and it comes to a close. Twelve cycles, twelve Rays of God together in the end, to extract useful experience in the further development and start all over again, but at the next energy Octave spaces of the Cosmos. All those who can withstand the flow of cosmic energies of Fire, will be raised in the Spirit.
Chance is given to all, but you have to remember their spiritual "core" and believe that the fire will only strengthen it, reinforce the positive qualities of the soul, because the nature of the Children of Light — Fire!

*Emotions — Is the outward expression of emotions, reflected in human behavior. Emotions are energy radiation, called emanation.
These energies can be seen in the aura of a person as clots that are separating from the head. Emanations of the whole earth is filled with mental health problems. People living in them, breathe them, soaking up again with all my being that the given space.

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