Eternal life. Spare parts for man 2012

December 14, 2012 22:12

Who would not want to live forever? While this is not possible, but who knows, how science comes sooner or later? In the meantime, we can only try to extend his life. Health, youth and beauty for years to come — a dream? No, it is possible now!

A documentary on the "One Day" at the beginning of each program provokes heated debate among scholars! In the studio, serious passions boil, and no wonder — because science is faced with anti-science! Doctors, athletes, priests, ecologists, biologists and many other professionals of different areas try to figure out what is slowly but surely killing us, and that will allow us to live forever. Will help them lead the program — the charming Vera Krasova and impassive Anatoly Kuzichev.

Efforts of experts in the field of artificial organs finally paid off. Available to mankind today the first results: artificial kidney, trachea, heart valve and even 3D face. Soon there will be real cyborgs collected from parts, or is it a way to extend the youthful body — replacing our old bodies for new ones?

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