EU: Huygens on Titan: new data




Scientists have unveiled the first results of the spacecraft "Huygens" which sovershivshil landing on Titan's surface, as well as new pictures.

They also demonstrated record sounds from Titan.

According to the measurements, the probe landed on the surface, which has the consistency of "creme brulee" and was once flooded.

The European Space Agency intends to find out why the rejected one of the data channels of the probe.

Because of this, it was transferred to a 350 shots instead of the planned 700.

However, the overall mission of the "Huygens" is assessed as very successful.

The pictures of Titan's surface — orange with ice "pebbles" on her tangerine sky color

On another photo taken at the time of descent, is marked by an array of sushi with a system of canals that flow into the array of dark liquid.

Is seen as the edge of methane haze that hides part of the landscape.

The principal investigator of the project "Huygens" John Zarnecki said that the landing area of the probe is covered with a thin crust, under which a substance the consistency of wet sand.

According to team leader to work with images Marty Tomasko "perhaps recently, there was damp and the dry land appeared not so long ago."

Data from the "Huygens" handed down through the mother ship "Cassini.

"Huygens" entered the atmosphere on Titan's planned trajectory at an altitude of 1270 km from the surface, its systems involved and worked fine.

Built in Europe, "Huygens" has spent seven years in conjunction with the mother ship "Cassini" that came to Saturn in July 2004. 20 days ago, he had been released and silently came closer to Titan.

During the three worked to reduce brake parachute was dropped protective sheathing that protected the probe from excessive heating due to friction during re-entry.

Titan, the structure of which is dominated by nitrogen, methane and other organic (based on hydrogen) molecules are likely to Earth-like — such as it was 4.6 billion years ago. This means that Saturn can tell scientists about the kind of chemical reactions preceded the origin of life on our planet.

Battery News, 16.01.2005 13:46
Source: Bi-bi-si

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