Europe has forgotten about European Belarus

Lucas reading

The other day on our site was published translation of the article "What the West is wrong about Belarus?" International Editor Economist Edward Lucas. This text is concerned spawned debate on our site.

We invited experts from around the world to take part in this debate and express their opinions about how an article by Mr. Lucas, as well as about the problem, which he formulates.

Paul Govbl, an American analyst and expert on national issues of post-Soviet space.

Edward Lucas is quite correct to assume that the West was wrong about Belarus for the past 20 years. On actually, West is still wrong even stronger than Lucas wrote about this in his excellent article.

First, the Order has ignored the fact that from a geopolitical perspective Belarus, not Ukraine, located between Russia and Europe, and that the events in Belarus are of key importance for Europe.

Second, the West and, in particular, the U.S. helped Stanislav Shushkevich in the fight against radioactive contamination in Belarus after the Chernobyl disaster, becoming thus responsible for the rise of a miserable Alexander Lukashenko.

Third, the West in the face as their experts and political leaders ignored the fact that the Belarusians as a nation arose simultaneously with the Russian and Ukrainian, and are not, as Moscow was accustomed to say, a kind of by-product of the Russian ethnogenesis. All three nations have emerged on the basis of the Eastern Slavic tribes around the same time. They have evolved in different directions, as characterized by their ability to create and maintenance of the state.

Belarus is part of Europe. The Europeans have forgotten about it.

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