Exchangers can be closed, no one will feel the loss

Despite the holiday on May 9, next to the currency exchangers in Grodno people continue on duty. Currency is still there, but people are waiting for someone to pass the time and it can be purchased.

On Victory Day the central square and the streets are decorated public green and red flags next to the monument of the Unknown Soldier was a meeting, sounded the salute from the park heard brass band music.

And next to the currency exchange office at the railway station staffed by people in line to buy dollars or other currency. Veterans in the queue to be seen, but here people of different ages.

Mr., which is nearer the window exchange office, said that if I wanted to buy the currency, then you need to join the queue. I represent and wonder — how is the situation there now? In response, the person smiles:

Man: "Today we can say that the inflow of currency exchangers in" Belarusbank "not happening due to the fact that people really appreciated the dollar — they all want at least 4 thousand dollar. Therefore exchangers "BBK" functions do not perform, they can be closed and no one will not feel the loss. "

Reporter: "But people are standing in line?"

Man: "After all, hope that they can buy at a low rate, but the hope disappears too."

Reporter: "How much per day you can buy currency?"

Mr."When you stand first, it may be that $ 250, not more."

Another gentleman adds: "How lucky enough, but not everyone will get something out of the queue. We only hope left."

I went to the retirement age of the person and ask — what does he think about the problems with the currency?

Mr."The economy is weak and we have it all depends on the" top "of the state, not from such simple people like us."

In the younger ask — how in the queue are veterans, there are some benefits for them? They smile and reply that the veterans here, and the rules are the same for all.

Man: "I can say that there are only fights mainly because everything is on the record and the record goes on tens. So just go up and I can not buy it because I was immediately thrown out of here."

The other man: "Oh, when it comes to money, one does not care about anyone as you can, and buy …".

Third, Mr."Ay, here, and people in the drum, and the government in the drum, so that's the way …".

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