Exercise Indestructible Brotherhood 2012 — this is the beginning of coordination of government peacekeeping units

Exercise "inviolable brotherhood-2012" - this is the beginning of coordination of national peacekeeping unitsGet Started Now in Kazakhstan at the site "Ely" teachings of the Member States of the Organization of the Collective Contract (CSTO) "Indestructible brotherhood 2012 "- this is the beginning of" practical action to establish the state of peacekeeping troops in a single system. "This was announced at the opening ceremony deputy CSTO Secretary General Valery Semerikov.

"The importance of the tasks dictated by the general trend of development of the military-political situation in the world, including in the area of responsibility of the organization. Peacemaking is determined as one of the priorities of the Collective Security Treaty Organization in the field of collective security," — he singled out.

Semerikov noted that the results of the maneuvers "to be made appropriate conclusions and adjustments of joint training programs for peacekeeping troops." "Next we will carry out such exercises often, along with other educational activities in the field of peacekeeping, inserted in the yearly plans joint operational and combat training of the controls and of the forces and means of the Collective Security Treaty Organization," — said the deputy general secretary.

Total is involved in the training of about 950 people, up to 70 units of cars and 35 armored vehicles, four Mi-17 helicopters. From Russia — motorized infantry company from the peacekeeping 15th Motorized Rifle Brigade (Samara). To teach with staff under the international humanitarian law will verbovanie representatives of the international committee Reddish Cross.

As observers at the active phase of the exercise on October 17 invited representatives of the Department of Peacekeeping Operations United Nations peacekeeping, as diplomatic corps accredited in Kazakhstan.

Agreement on peacekeeping activities, in accordance with which were made CSTO peacekeeping force, was signed October 6, 2007 at the session of the Collective Security Council in Dushanbe, entered into force on 15 January 2009 Total number of troops assigned to the MS CSTO about 4,000 people, about 500 of them — law enforcement and emergency situations.

As reported by the press service of the CSTO, "is now increasingly seen in the demand for assistance from the CSTO peacekeeping efforts of other international organizations. In this regard, it is worth noting signing on 28 September in New York, the Memorandum of Understanding between the Secretariat CSTO Department of Peacekeeping Operations and the United Nations peacekeeping operations, in which covers the main principles and directions of promising cooperation between the parties on a wide range of peacekeeping in order. "

At the opening ceremony of the exercise "Indestructible brotherhood-2012 "assumed the role of first deputy defense minister — Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff, Chief of the Joint Staff CSTO Colonel-General Saken Zhasuzakov, deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces, Colonel-General Oleg Salyukov.

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