Expert: the financial chaos of not guilty Prokopovych

The uncertainty in the financial markets continues. Currency exchange offices there and government experts even stopped to reason, if it appears there. Defined situation with the Russian loan: the recent visit to Moscow government officials not added confidence in the prospects of its receipt. Meanwhile, the National Bank continued to hold the exchange rate at the same level — about 3100 rubles per dollar on the interbank market, although most of the transactions are carried out at the rate of 5,000 rubles per dollar.

Many analysts agree that the authorities are conducting an unjustified policy, lingering with concrete steps to address the situation on the currency market. According to the consultant supratskryzisnaga Mieczyslaw Burak, current financial anarchy — not so much on the conscience of the National Bank as to the president:

"Crises do not central banks, and those who govern and rule the economy. Belarus economy, like all other industries, led by Mr. President. And the fact that he has to do for more than 15 years in power, he did not. What we have now is a result of the global financial crisis, which has added to the crisis of our own. The dollar now has fallen by half, sooner or later we ruble depreciated against the dollar by 1.5-2 times. And so we got a two-time inflation. And if you now be released on the tandem's "dollar-ruble", then at least 5,000 rubles to the dollar exchange rate will not. "

In the government made it clear that we should not expect any special measures before receipt of the Russian loan. However, according to Mr. Burak, under present conditions, rely on fruit from a billion dollars is not worth it:

"What is a loan? If we take something today, it must post on the specific case. When he takes the Russian loan, and said that I want to do this and that, from this it will turn a certain amount of currency, then you can take. When the charge, as they say, just to support the ruble, it means just what will drive again. Out of the economy such thing as keeping the ruble consists of economic support. As we build these rubles economy, to turn it into the right direction? knocked everybody in Prokopovych as if only he is to blame for what is happening. And what is he? He only performs the installation, kept voluntarist methods necessary course. A course also keeps the economy. Indeed currency — it is a tool to ensure economic activity. And if you do not have economic activity, all your rubles are converted into paper. "

Meanwhile Belarusian citizens still hoping to buy the currency at the official rate. And while the number of those on duty in the queues at the exchangers significantly decreased, people are still zvyarayutstsa lists are recorded, without having any guarantee that acquire dollars or euros.

The desire to invest in something more reliable than rubles, takes a variety of manifestations. After, as the National Bank suspended the sale of gold in Belarusian rubles, the course went diamonds that you can buy for the national currency. According to official data, in April the National Bank sold almost half a thousand diamonds, and the resulting revenue more than doubled the revenues from the sale of precious stones in the first three months of 2011.

But in other areas of activity gradually phased out. Importing companies still face major financial problems. The exchange rate of the dollar by 70% higher than the official one, which automatically adds to the price. Virtually paralyzed avtasalenav. An expert in the automotive industry Anatoly Shevchenko says that the supply of new cars in Belarus were reduced to a minimum;

"In my opinion, in the near future as long as the difference in rates is very significant, the situation has not changed. Dealers themselves have repeatedly said they are not ready in the present circumstances to buy cars for sale. Because many companies signed contracts for the supply of machines, where expressly stated: payment at the rate of the National Bank. Suddenly, out of nowhere, totally different courses, which are very different from a significant percentage of natsbankovskie. Acquire currency dealer at such a course — to put it mildly, interesting. And the logical question: why sell it to Loss: No one will not do this. "

Unable to build and export of Belarusian products to attract more foreign currency in Belarus. According to the National Statistics Committee, the trade deficit for the first quarter of 2011 was approximately $ 2.4 billion versus $ 680 million for the same period last year. Regress — by 3.5 times.

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