Facts about the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact

Facts about the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact

August 23, 1939 in Moscow, USSR People's Commissar for Foreign Affairs Vyacheslav Molotov and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Germany, Joachim von Ribbentrop signed between the two countries-name contracts of non-aggression, immortalized their names

The ink had time to dry out a little, as in 8 days, 1 September 1939, Germany invaded Poland. Began the second global war. And after a day or two a week and, on September 17, in the eastern part of Poland, entered the Red Army — in strict accordance with the hidden protocol to the treaty. The controversy surrounding this document began immediately after the war and did not subside until this time. The outlook expressed Vladimir Zhirinovsky, Deputy Chairman of the State Duma.

— The most important trick that use falsifiers of history associated with the original sources. In the so-called the Covenant, they arbitrarily combine real document — "Treaty of Non-Aggression between Germany and the Russian Union", ratified by the Supreme Council USSR August 31, 1939 — and a copy of the so-called "secret protocol", found in the German archives. What after all are these documents?

Obligations of the parties to the contract were briefly followed: to refrain from brutal actions against each other, in the event of an attack on one side of the third powers do not support it, do not participate in the blocks against one of the parties, to resolve disputes and conflicts among themselves peacefully . Neither the smallest signs of anger, full compliance with international standards!

What after all is the "secret protocol"Speech in which Tipo is a division of spheres of influence between the USSR and Germany? This page typescript, which in legal terms is not part of a huge contract. Her originals are not found, they either lost or simply never existed. From the text "protocol" is absolutely not clear in whose area of interest comes to Lithuania, and in whose — Latvia, Estonia and Finland *. No hint of "conspiracy to attack Poland and its section" in the text is also not visible. ** Under no diplomatic law "hidden Protocol "can not be considered an official document, even went out and brought the script!

But God bless them with pieces of paper — their action ended June 22, 1941 More than that, the second global war could be stopped as early as 1939, if not maniacal desire to bring future allies nurtured by their military might of Germany on the Soviet Union.

With all of this all constructive negotiations with the Soviet Union deliberately failed. The delay time reached the point that the British prefer not to get to Moscow by plane and boat on low speed. Note: this happened in the month prior to the meeting, Molotov and Ribbentrop in Moscow! The corresponding phrase British Prime Minister Chamberlain, "I will resign quickly than enter into the alliance with the Russian Union." What could I do to Stalin? Contract of non-aggression with Germany was the only way to protect the country. Pact has permitted the Soviet Union to push the boundaries of 150-250 km to the west. Blow that caused the Germans in 1941, was amortized over Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Ukraine and Western Belarus. Hitler did not spend beyond 10 days on these areas, it might take both Moscow and Stalingrad and Leningrad.

* From the "secret protocol": "In the event of a territorial and political rearrangement of the areas belonging to the Baltic countries (Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania), the northern boundary of Lithuania is the right boundary of the spheres of influence of Germany and the Soviet Union."

** "In the event of a territorial and political rearrangement of the areas belonging to the Polish part of the country, the spheres of influence of Germany and the Soviet Union will take place on the strip around the rivers Narew, Vistula and San."

Submissions professionals

Rudolph Pihoya, in 1992, the main state-venous Archivist:

— The authenticity of the contract and underlying protocols can not be doubted. Ever since the signing of the Russian copies of the documents stored in the secretariat Commissar for Foreign Affairs Molotov. Later, in the 70s, they were transferred from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the archives of the Politburo. There contract and several hidden annexes are not lying idle. At times, the first person asked for them due to the fact that the Molotov — Ribbentrop Pact, as well as annexes, were, in spite of all their odium, existing instruments of international policy. That pact in any part of the action on this day, evidenced, for example, the fact of Vilnius in the Republic of Lithuania *. Legend has it that the hidden protocols fake, appeared comparable to late — in the early 90's when we started to open a discussion legality of entering the Baltic republics into the USSR. President Gorbachev, for example, the presence of hidden secret protocols, although clearly aware of their existence, and not even once in his hands. But in the fall of 1992, already under Yeltsin, get them in the game was not much difficulty. I was able to do this for almost 15 minutes. In my hands were envelopes with the text of the contract, hidden functions and map division of territories. All documents have long been available, it is surprising that someone did not yet know.

* Vilnius and the region. at the beginning of the war belonged to Poland, have been busy of the Red Army and later transferred to Lithuania on agreement with Germany.

Roy Medvedev, a historian:

— If we ignore the other moral judgments and the need to open a discussion one, the signing of the Soviet-German Non-Aggression contract USSR brought more utility than harm. The war began in Europe would in any case — to stop Hitler nothing could. It is understood by all: the British and French tried to put his anger to the east, Stalin — to the west. Between the USSR and the Western democracies was a mercantilist game with very highest stakes. In the first step through the Covenant defeated the Soviet Union — Poland after Hitler turned west. The main thing I got from the Soviet Union — time. In 1939, the country has just completed a large "cleaning" in the higher officer corps, in which virtually the entire command of the Red Army was repressed. Battalion commanders then just became division commander, but, as shown by the Soviet-Finnish War, they wage war against it is better not to have. The delay of 2 years is allowed to somehow, even if it is not fully solve the problem of maneuverability of the Red Army.

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