Fallen in Moscow helicopter Ka-60 passed tests

Fallen in Moscow helicopter Ka-60 was testedThe new helicopter Ka-60 ("Killer Whale"), owned by OKB Kamov, on Wednesday made a hard landing in Lyubertsy near Moscow during a test flight. Rotary-wing aircraft received severe injuries, the pilots on board were injured. Being picked up by colleagues from the second helicopter and promptly taken to the clinic. It is clear that in a test flight at the "Orcas" refused slider. Why this happened is not clear yet.

Two helicopters OKB Kamov — new Ka-60 — passed flight tests on the basis of the Mil Helicopter Plant on Wednesday morning.

In the 1 st of them during a routine flight refused slider, reports "Interfax" referring to a source in the enterprise.

"Helicopter made a hard landing in autorotation Kotelniki on the outskirts of town near the house number 18 on the street Ugreshskaya. As a result of a hard landing vehicle was severe mechanical damage, but the crew of 2-test pilot plant remained alive, though very hurt "- said the representative of the Kamov design bureau named after.

Both pilots picked colleagues from the second helicopter and taken to the helipad 15th metropolitan city medical clinic in Vishnyaky, a doctor who is currently fighting for the lives of pilots.

At the place of the emergency fire brigades arrived and the ambulance crew, but about the victims on the ground were reported.

It was noted earlier that the helicopter belonged to the Ministry of Defence, but later a representative of the press service of the Defense Ministry and disk imaging on Air Force Lt. Col. Vladimir Drik denied this information. "There are no accidents Air Force helicopters now in Moscow was not" — he said.

Helicopter Ka-60 — Russian multi-purpose medium military transport helicopter. As reported by the newspaper's gaze, is the only medium-lift helicopter, which took off after the collapse of the Soviet Union. He was created by order of the Ministry of Defence as a special scout-pointer for use in conjunction with helicopter gunships. The first flight of a helicopter made December 10, 1998.

It clarifies the aircraft encyclopedia, Ka-60 "Killer Whale" is intended for the carriage of armed assault, delivery of weapons and ammunition in the war zone, evacuating the wounded, security patrols and economic zone with basing on the ships, search and rescue, education and training of flight personnel .

Helicopter Ka-60 is built on single-rotor with a five-blade main rotor diameter of 13.5 m rotor blade made of polymer composites is attached to the sleeve torsion. The glider has a perfect aerodynamic contours with bolshennymi lumens for doors on both sides, retractable tricycle landing gear and controlling energy-intensive multi-blade (11 blades) screw in the annular channel vertical tail. Airmen and Marines are on the depreciation of energy-absorbing seats. The pilot — the commander of the crew is placed on the right seat. The power plant includes the latest generation of engines modular design Rybinsk Motors Design Bureau under the control of the general designer Alexander Novikov.

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