Fantasy becomes reality

Fantasy becomes reality

It is unlikely that you can find a man who once did not watch films about James Bond. Probably everyone remembers all sorts of tools that help the agent in his espionage missions. So now, their inventor, known under the name of Q exist in reality. More precisely a whole organization — the agency DARPA, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency — Office of promising research programs in the field of defense. Funded by the organization as well, which may try to implement at least some, even the most magnificent project.

If you have not heard about this organization, you do not hear about some of her designs is simply unrealistic. Specifically, DARPA is responsible for the emergence of a huge number of the best, such as the Web, and the worst poison "Orange" technology in the past 50 years. The daily work of professionals in the agency — embodied in the lives of the unspeakable projects. At the same restrictions on their activities do not actually have, so that they can allow themselves to go far beyond the boundaries of thinking of other people.

1. Spy planes and other nano-birds

In order for the aircraft could inconspicuously proparhat over a particular area, you can fly very fast and very high, or come up with something fundamentally new. DAPRA agency is developing in both directions at once.

Fantasy becomes reality

Already acquired fame hypersonic aircraft FALKON. The aircraft has a conical shape and is very similar to how depict gallakticheskie fiction alien ships. And it has a corresponding destination — fly in the vastness of the "near space." Maximum speed of the aircraft is more than 20 times the speed of sound is higher than 20 thousand kilometers per hour. In other words, to ensure that access to at least some part of the world, take a photo or kill anyone, FALKON-y will be less than an hour.

Fantasy becomes reality

At the moment we are developing small devices, which will be able to sneak unnoticed anywhere. Small helicopter hovercraft, which looks like a toy model helicopter out of the store with the radio. In fact, this is the helicopter with remote control and an integrated iPhone. Designed such helicopter for reconnaissance and espionage.

If this is not a surprise, evaluate new flying nano-machine that is where the smallest size and even more amazing. If you see a tiny bird, flying around the neighbor's bird feeders, think about whether it is a living being? After all, DARPA made of tiny robotic hummingbird, which over time will look like a real bird. The size of such nano-birds less than fifteen inches and weighs no more than 30 grams.

Look at the first record of this test bot caught in access.

2. And do not hide from them

Comfortable thing for tracking can be spy satellites, but they are not perfect. In order to get a photo of the object will have to wait, so that the satellite reached the area of interest. If the object disappeared into the room, the good of the satellite will be. If the enemy should be monitored and the data must always act in real time?

Fantasy becomes reality

DARPA has to offer for this purpose a few of their own development. Among them may be referred to gallaktichesky balloon. Aircraft, getting around without a pilot, entitled ISIS created for the realization of high-altitude surveillance and reconnaissance. Floating in the stratosphere balloon makes high-quality images even at night. The military can send such aircraft in any part of the world, where the balloon will reach in a few hours and will do my example program. With all this balloons are self-regulating systems. Using solar energy and hydrogen fuel, they may be in the upper layers of the atmosphere is actually forever, no need special hangars and trained personnel for their service. The introduction of such devices sparingly and efficiently.

Fantasy becomes reality

Another project is a recognizable title CTS, which stands for Combat Zones That See, in other words-seeing combat zone. Remember the movie "The Dark Knight" Batman. In order to track down the Joker, Batman had to reincarnate all mobile phones in Gotham in combination microphone and transmitter frequency generator. Approximately according to this principle the system works CTS, only instead of cell phones, it uses an external camera surveillance. In a single system connected to all city voedinyzhdy and personal camera. Such a system allows the track moving objects from one chamber to the other, using a specially designed computer program from. Naturally, the developers they say that the CTS will be used entirely within the combat zone to track the movements of transport, but this is a huge question. Not whether the system will be used for full control over the citizens of their own state …

You can not hide from observation and behind stone walls. The project HIBR, Harnessing Infrastructure for Building Reconnaissance, in the transformation of infrastructure for the survey of buildings, specifically designed to track what is happening inside the buildings. This program is a system of radio and sonar and makes it possible to obtain results of surveillance in real-time. Let us remember again the Dark Knight, something similar was used and there.

If you see a paranoid desire to escape at least some observations in an underground bunker, relax and do not get there. The agency DARPA has developed another project, whose goal is to detect tunnels and underground bunkers. Touch system entitled GATE, Gravity Anomaly for Tunnel Exposureto is gravity anomaly for detecting the tunnel is installed on board the aircraft at low altitude can be measured strength light weight configuration by which the system provides information about subsurface conditions.

3. Shells pursuing the goal to the finish

Almost all computer shooter is a variety of instruments, producing smart bombs that have plagued the designated target everywhere, wherever she went. In fact, this development is all designed by the same agency DARPA, and ca
lled it anti-missile system Javelin. The purpose of using the complex is the destruction of armored vehicles, bunkers, and other protected objects, as well as aircraft with low speed at low altitude, such as helicopters.

Fantasy becomes reality

The actual video, not a computer video showing the destruction of the tank through a system of Javelin possible to see below. The tank is located at a distance of 65 meters. First shots show the start and the explosion of the shell of the tank, after the show the individual frames before and after the explosion.

Another explosive development — MAHEM, Magneto Hydrodynamic Explosive Munition, in other words Magnetohydrodynamic explosive device.

Fantasy becomes reality

The idea itself was borrowed gun in the novel "Earth Light", which was written by Arthur C. Clarke in 1955. Clark describes a device that can send a jet of molten metal in the space with a velocity of several hundred kilometers per second, using powerful magnets. Made system also affects the target stream of molten metal ejected massive electric field. Such a missile defense simply breaks at least some bunkers, buildings or tf.

4. Superarmiya

No matter how crazy the idea of Hollywood or science-fiction author in the field of war or implements can serve as the starting development DARPA. From the film "Alien" and Crysis, the agency issued the idea of an exoskeleton that another 10 years ago I started to realize, along with the company Sarcos, which currently bears the title Raytheon. This device is worn on the man whose strength is at times increased by the outer frame. The exoskeleton is one hundred percent overlap biomechanics media and proportionally increases the result of his efforts in motion.

Fantasy becomes reality

Model exoskeleton XOS2 increasing manpower by 17 times, this is likely to raise loads weighing hundreds of pounds in an unlimited number of times, with all this man, which is put on the exoskeleton does not actually tired. The only problem — the severity of battery chargers, will be eliminated with the emergence of wireless model.

In the video, filmed in September 2010, the Hollywood actor Clark Gregg (Agent Phil Coulson in "Iron Man"), tried on superkostyum XOS2 in the laboratory Sarcos in Salt Lake City. Watch the video below.

Exoskeleton — not only development, allowing increment physical abilities. Development Z-Man, based on the ability of certain species of animals to crawl on vertical surfaces allows climb vertical walls and man.

Fantasy becomes reality

Coupling is carried out with the wall by means of tiny hairs and special adhesive agent. The documents confirm that the project passed the tests, during which the men podymali the walls to a height of eight feet and dragged along more than 100 kg of equipment.

5. At the post did not go to sleep any hour

Even if the fighters are armed with the best weapon, by means of observation and indescribable outfit, they are still just people, which is characterized by fatigue and lose concentration. DARPA looks for a method to correct it. Experiments conducted by reaction of different brain chemical substances and pharmaceuticals. Huge sums of money invested in the project creation Ultrasound stimulation. It is understood that the impact on the brain is a device to get rid of stress with a fighter on the battlefield and increase your concentration, when you need to go without sleep. The invention is based on deep brain stimulation, which is used in the treatment of Parkinson's disease. A positioning device is planned right in the soldiers' helmets.

Fantasy becomes reality

The most sensational invention is Orexin-A — nose drops, the implementation of which will allow a person to feel a hundred percent rested, even if the last day he slept for an hour.

The title came from the name of the product of the brain hormone orexin which responsible for the concentration and gives people to feel rested. Those who suffer from narcolepsy is not enough of this hormone, because they are able to fall asleep at any moment.

If this product gets into the access, you can forget about the catalysts and a thermos of coffee. With all of this creators are convinced that Orexin-A is not addictive. You can imagine for yourself that will start when the product will sell contraband on the streets — everyone will want to get it.

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