Farid Salman: Dialogue with Wahhabism leads to the collapse of the countrys Russian

Farid Salman: "Dialogue with Wahhabism leads to the collapse of the Russian state"The July attacks and the ongoing actions of Islamists in Kazan, Tatarstan, made one of the most unpredictable regions of Russia. On the dilemma of Islamic radicalism in the Volga region, which has become trivial, back in the 1990s, experts have warned. One of them was recognized Islamic scholar, Chairman of the Russian Association of Islamic Ulema consent Farid Salman. In his own interview with a REGNUM he answered a number of questions on the topical subject.

The attack on the mufti of Tatarstan and the murder of Mongolian scholar Waliullah Yakupova have evidence that the Islamists in the Volga region defected to the armed struggle. Why did the Muslim clergy as they say in the past about the need for "dialogue with Wahhabism"?

The imposition of a dialogue with representatives of non-standard not only for Russia, and indeed for the whole Muslim world of latter-day sects and movements — this global process.

One of the main reasons for the current situation in Syria is that almost 10 years in her current "Friends of Syria" planted the idea that the Wahhabis and Salafis, and the "Muslim Brotherhood" and the rest are part of the 1st society, they need to be friendly and negotiate. They tried to negotiate, but what happened in the end? It's now all behold the.

What led dialogue in Dagestan? Maybe it ran out attacks? Maybe it came out of sight of those who are regular followers of Islam calls wrong? Maybe out of the woods and the mountains began vorachivatsya on houses all deceived or those who made a mistake in your own choice? No. As a result, not only of Dagestan, and our homeland, and the Islamic world have lost the famous Muslim scholar, teacher and mentor, Sheikh Saeed (may peace be upon him the mystery!). For death is the 1st wife of the scientist is comparable to the death of the universe.

Why are we now trying to impose a dialogue with the radicals? I think so, that in a society has developed world that everything is fine. What can cause the sample to impose classical clergy dialogue with Wahhabism and Salafism? The results will be disappointing: the liquidation of state of the clergy, and the imposition of the rule of the hateful ideology of Wahhabism, Salafism, an interdenominational war, the destruction of the general municipal seats.

And then temporary political, economic and other allies of religious radicals, regardless of their status and resources mysteriously die, die, disappear. No need to delve into the story. Remember one nedavneshny example: Who was and how he died South American envoy to Benghazi (Libya).

Now the companions international extremist organization "Hizb-ut-Tahrir al-Islami" go to rallies demanding terrain to establish a caliphate on Russia. Apart from Kazan, such cases have been reported in Ufa, Chelyabinsk, Nizhnevartovsk and even in Moscow. But the authorities' response to it in fact. Why?

This is obviously a result of globalization, including the general Muslim and global problems. God made us different worlds: the people — are men and ladies, different nations and tribes, the followers of different religious traditions. Who is better? What is the best? Any one of us feels the best, everyone is trying to teach and instruct others, everyone wants all the others were like him. This applies to us Muslims. But whether the builders of a global caliphate right to plunge society into chaos when Muslims are buried in the abyss of their problems? You need to recover from their problems, and not try to impose them on others.

Otherwise, I think it all comes from ignorance. After all, the Almighty and All-Powerful asks of us, Muslims engage in self-education, education of their loved ones. Creator forbids discord, violence, imposing his will. Now, only the secular nature of power makes it possible to maintain a multicultural, multi-religious mores of society.

Opponents of the secular authorities put her accusation that a society of vice, unresolved social and other problems. But I would like to ask followers halifatostroitelstva: where there are no social problems, where there are no flaws? Instead of engaging in self-education, make full use of for the benefit of themselves as Muslims, "builders" of the Caliphate made the situation of confrontation with the government, brought confusion in the minds of the younger generation, and, most importantly, feed the fantasies of real detractors of Islam.

Builders caliphate forgets that the caliphate should be built within, and not impose its society. Lord of the Worlds made our father Adam (peace be upon him) as his caliph, ie vicegerent on earth, and every person, regardless of his profession, social status and nationality, in practice, is already a caliph. The person responsible to God for the safety of the environment, bio species, including himself.

At the same time, I think it necessary to make the conditions for a return to the normal life of those who have succumbed to the whisperings of Satan. The presence in the ranks of the "khalifatisis" youth — is the total omission, the omission of the country and the clergy, and must be urgently corrected.

How to influence actions in the Middle East, the situation in the Russian Federation of the Muslim Ummah?

These things are tightly interwoven. So called "Arab revolution" the most naughty way affect the situation of the Muslim Ummah of. An example of this — Syrian actions: our online forums young followers of the "revolutionaries" have shed tears for liquidated in Syria bandits and terrorists, and on the orders of the latter-day "sheikhs" Russian Muslim clerics showered various curses and threats. These curses have not escaped even those Muslim leaders who once planted themselves non-traditional for us, "religious ideas." One thing is sure: the world is preparing for a terrorist international RF own script.

In liberal circles often sounds the idea that government should not interfere in the "intra-process," which is a personal matter of believers, as our native land — a secular government. Do you agree with that?

No one will refute that Muslims are an integral part of the Russian state, Russian society because prepyadstviya Muslims to some extent are also municipalities. In the field of Islam I have been working 22 years old, and God to witness, that for all these years and never in any of the numerous areas in which I worked, no bureaucrat tried to teach me how to pray, when to pray and how many times to pray.

With regard to collaboration and constant dialogue between classical Islamic institutions of the Russian Federation and the state government — that it is our religious duty and obligation, for the Messenger of Allah and his prophet, our sovereign Mohammed (peace be upon him, and God's blessing) taught us that "Islam and power like the two brothers did not succeed any of them without the other. " These Muslims, believers of — patriots small and large country, work, collaborate, particularly with their own power, not with strangers and foreign intelligence services.

By Islamists and their supporters constantly hear that our homeland — is the enemy of Islam, because it must not be damaged, and in its place build a caliphate. Who and what threatens Islam in Russia?

Of course, for someone Our homeland — is the enemy. That there are, for example, the expression "the mufti Sheikh NATO and Washington," Yusuf Qaradawi
. His anger and venom has recently re-developed into our country in his television interview on the channel "Rusia al-Yaum" (Russian Arabic-language channel). I think this should be answered by the principle "who approach us with a blade that will come from the blade and die." We must once and forever realize that the Wahhabis and Salafis, and Qaradawi with his own company can not be friends of the Russian Federation and Russian Muslims. Let them build their own "Caliphate" at home, and we also do well look at how we live.

Our homeland has been and remains a friend and partner of the Muslim world. This is the friendship has always been a target for the application of secret attacks on Russian policy on the part of its enemies. Our homeland just a priori can not be the enemy of Islam because Islam is one of the components of its identity and uniqueness.

Today's generation of Russian Muslims live in the 21st century. We have a lot of achievements, but there are difficulties. Tasks that are identical with neuvvyazkami other common denominations of. These difficulties are solved, they are not neuvvyazkami universal character. These problems are eliminated settled. I can say that we, the Muslims of Tatarstan, Bashkortostan, Chechnya, Ingushetia, Dagestan, Muslims throughout the Russian Federation live ordinary lives, for which to praise God.

You have first-1990s talk about the evils of uncontrolled zabugornogo religious education for Muslims. Now behold the whole, what exactly foreign graduates of Islamic schools often become agents of Islamist ideology. Is there a way out of this situation?

The only way out — it's Russian education. With all this religious education should be intensified and the secular component, especially the social sciences. In addition, the need to once and for all solve the problem of mandatory rassredotachivaniya after receiving higher education. I'm serious about it read at the All spiritual meeting, which took place on the day or in Saransk. While the future imam, to education which spent a lot of money at the end of the process of education for some time did not run for the specialty in either rural or urban another parish, he is not obliged to have the opportunity to "most shared". If you chose the path of the shepherd — become them, and if a mistake — bring back the money spent on your education to the Treasury, let these funds worth studying. It is not to be solved, this problem will not be solved and the problem of Russian security, government personnel. Believe me, in order to carry on trade or Muslim halal meat attributes, higher education is not required.

Another very big problem — it's an unlimited number of "foreign" imams. It's no secret that they are candidates for positions and companies. If all this is not to say that everything up to 1 they are Wahhabis, Salafis. Praise be to God, in the midst of these guys a lot and those who, in spite of its long education abroad, remained a patriot. Specifically, a low level of religious education chased these guys for the country's borders in search of knowledge. For all those who wish to work in Russia in this sphere must pass a rigorous qualification commission must pass exams on the basic Islamic sciences. For those who are educated on the traditional, mazhabnoy system is not difficult to pass these commissions, and begin to share his knowledge with others.

In addition, the need to adjust and "geography". Language practice should take place in a friendly or neutral-minded Arab countries, and the continuation of higher education, in my opinion, can only continue to multi-religious and multi-ethnic country character.

The last couple of years in Russia advocated a "moderate Islam" (especially a lot of it they say the activists' scientific and educational center of the al-Vasatyyya "). Some experts point out that this is done to cover the Kuwaiti form of Salafism. Do you share their world view?

In reality, Islam — the religion of the golden mean, median religion. It does not accept any unnecessary deviations to the left or to the right. Islam in Russia has always had a median. RF Muslims themselves can promote the median Islam in the same Kuwait and not only there. As for Kuwait — this is a very multi-vector Muslim society. For example, in the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs of Kuwait work and followers of different theological schools (schools of thought), and candid Wahhabis.

Religious phraseology has always been used by certain political circles to achieve their goals outside of their own territory. I believe that the centers of the same type of "al-Vasatyyya" in Russia to gain independence and to transform Kuwait vision for Russian. Again, RF have something to share in this area. With regard to any religious expansion in Russia, it is simply unacceptable by definition.

This year for the religious leaders in Russia next memorable campaign against the Russian Orthodox Church and its svyaschennonachalnikov. Christianity and Islam — a classic for the RF religious universities, to a certain extent — the pillars of the country. Who profitable weakening and discrediting them?

The ideological anger against Russia ramping up. In the criteria indicated by the lack of true state ideology specifically faith in God is what cements the company. Russian orthodox church — that is what connects voedinyzhdy and ministers to the Russian people, which is pivotal in the family of nations of. This is why the figure of His Holiness the Patriarch of All Russia and Metropolitan Kirill was the subject of numerous terrorist attacks and other electrical blasphemers. That's why sawing, chopping down, mock the signs of the church. Undermine, damage, divide the Russian people, to bring confusion in his brain — it davneshny method to get rid of a world power.

Immediately goes flat anger at Institute of Muftis, scholars and imams. Used against them, and the real and electric terrorism. Samples discredit spiritual leaders — is a deeply obmyslennaya, a deliberate policy of our opponents. The goal — the destruction of one of the municipal seats. In the blame clergy in the near future is very often put the blame interaction with the government, by the state. The power is, by definition, is an emblem of God's presence on Earth.

The foreign analysts realize that religious universities and government in Russia, despite the argument about the separation of church and state are inextricably linked together through society, the people, the carriers of religious tradition. Problem opponents of — this relationship break up, and our is to maintain this continuity. The only way we will save the Russian government from collapse.

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