Fast tsunami warning system with GPS

In underground earthquakes that could cause a tsunami, the time allotted for coastal warning of the danger, is very short. However, based on data from the Fukushima earthquake, which occurred March 11, 2011, scientists from the GFZ German Research Centre have shown that by the earthquake and its location can be determined with three minutes to quickly and accurately transfer the information to the ground of the possibility of a tsunami.

Fast tsunami warning system with GPS

Such operations can make a special GPS-network that is configured to work in potentially dangerous areas. She is able to capture and display even the movement of tectonic plateau. GPS-system continuously provides the observer data on the earthquake that captures images of the process of eruption, when it itself is not actually completed.

Image. The maximum height of the tsunami according to GPS-model Tohoku earthquake. Black line shows the stages of advancement tsunami on the interval of one hour.

To use the device goes through several stages. First, the raw GPS-data is compared with the more accurate data obtained from orbiting satellites. Create a complete model of the volume occurring earthquake, which allows you to set the amount of deformation of the seabed. In future, this will be a source of information on the tsunami disaster. Finally, the calculations are carried out and the extent of the tsunami to determine the level of danger for the coastal areas.

In view of the fact that the overall assessment of seismic activity by conventional methods takes a lot of time, the time of formation of a tsunami warning and timely disclosure may be missing. Development Centre GFZ by quickly determine the area of vertical and horizontal movement to avoid this delay, which can be fatal.

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