FAZ: Belarus on the brink

On the economic situation in Belarus says Michael Ludwig in the German Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

According to the author. Belarusian economy is on the brink of the abyss and the last dictator of Europe urgently needed loans in foreign currency, which he did not receive any from the West, nor — in the required amount — from Russia. This leads to problems on all fronts — "with himself, with the political opposition, with its own population but also with its neighbors, both in the West and in the East."

After the presidential elections held last year in December, and the open hunting of political opponents of the West decided that he would not negotiate with the financial support of Lukashenko as long as he did not let go of the freedom of all political prisoners, as has already been convicted, and those , which are in anticipation of the next show trial. However, Lukashenko clearly is not ready to compromise, as evidenced by his recent statement to the head of the European Commission Barroso, whom the Belarusian president called a "goat." In addition, like newspaper columnist, there is a problem of trust. It is unlikely that the international financial institutions again kupyatstsa on unsubstantiated promises of economic reform in Belarus.

Russia, which officially is building with Belarus union state, slowly tightening the screws. However, says Michael Ludwig, not for the sake of protection of political prisoners. Moscow, taking advantage of the favorable situation with the help of bailouts is trying to achieve "real integration", namely the absorption of Belarus, Russia. The other day, for example, Moscow offered Belarusians make the national currency of the Russian ruble, though without the emission center in Minsk. However, the claims were announced in the second half of the stake in the strategically important gas transport company "Beltransgaz", half of which still remains in the hands of the Belarusian state to refineries and other tidbits of the Belarusian economy. But it is hard to believe, according to the article concludes that the prospect of economic and political inclusion of Belarus into Russia will push the majority of Belarusians to resist the Minsk regime.

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