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Today we touch on how you can use the laws of Feng Shui for a specific purpose, in order to attract wealth into your home, in order to increase their financial well-being.

But let's start with the fact that, actually, is Feng Shui, and why, with its help, we can solve the problems of life. Feng Shui — a way to organize the living space to attract good luck and prosperity in the life of a person. He was born in ancient China, and there are as many as there are in the world the Chinese civilization. In the twentieth century, Feng Shui began its triumphal march around the world. He is in great reverence in Hong Kong and Taiwan. This is largely determined by their economic prosperity. Homes and offices are built taking into account the laws of Feng Shui. No self-respecting businessman would not sign the treaty relating to real estate without consulting a specialist in Feng Shui.

In 80 years, Feng Shui has become popular in the West, and then came to Russia. About him talk a lot, write a lot, it has become a popular, prestigious and fashionable. But is Feng Shui is really a panacea for the ills?

Of course not. If a person has a negative attitude to life if he does not love themselves and do not want to do anything for their own happiness, no Feng Shui, not even God Himself will not help him. However, that the "tune-up" homes and offices can have a significant support person in achieving well-being, health and prosperity. And a competent specialist in Feng Shui can actually solve most of the problems of the customer (he and the specialist!). However, some of the settings to attract wealth a person can do in an apartment on their own. That's about these settings, we are now and we'll talk.

So, let's wealth. Immediately you should pay attention to the fact that the very conception of wealth in Feng Shui is much wider than usual. Under the wealth means everything that used this word: material wealth, spiritual wealth, the wealth of cultural, intellectual wealth, the wealth of human relations, and any other. Today we talk about bringing the house of wealth.

To start, you will need to draw a plan of the apartment on a scale measuring the apartment with a tape measure and determine the compass, and better detailed map orientation of your apartment to the cardinal. This plan is necessary to analyze the sector and setting the apartment on luck monetary sector. (I must say that the larger and more detailed the plan, the more comfortable you will be working with him. Better to make several of these plans, again for convenience).

To set the apartment on the money luck we will work with the south-eastern sector. Find it on your terms. He is the main sector of attracting wealth and financial success.

For its color design is preferred to use the green range (from pale to bright green), blue-blue range (from pale blue to deep blue.) Very good to be here with wooden furniture and fresh flowers and the paintings of nature (trees, flowers, forests, parks, green meadows with bright colors, etc. The desert in this sector do not hang up). Works well in this sector as the image of a mill.

In addition to the usual interior design, there are other ways — stronger. This, in turn, a fountain. Now on sale there are a large number of home electrical fountains of various shapes, sizes and designs. Is permissible to use any form of fountains. However, always remember the sense of taste, and by choosing a fountain, think about what associations you have it evokes. If you choose the one fountain, which is associated with the source you have, then it will work as a source of wealth in your apartment.

If any reason not to allow the fountain to get a room, that is fine painting or photograph of the same water fountain or source. If you are going to hang on the wall image of Niagara Falls, I want to warn you about the dangers of excess. Remember the golden rule: everything in moderation. The amount of water in the picture should not be too large. The excess can do more harm than disadvantage. With the wall with a picture of Niagara Falls or "The Ninth Wave" by Aivazovsky you run the risk that the element and wash away what you have.

Next powerful way to attract wealth into the house — it's an aquarium. It, as well as all of the above, it is worth putting in the south-eastern sector. There are several rules that must be followed when dealing with aquariums and the violation of which often turns into trouble.

The first of them: the need to match the size of the aquarium size room and was not too big. The excess is the same as in the case of a fountain, a much worse shortage and too large aquarium for your role play is not so much a source of great wealth as a source of major problems. Remember the laws of proportion and harmony, and all will be well.

The second rule of thumb for fish must be carefully looked after. The better you do, the more favorably to monetary luck to you. If your fish will not receive their due attention, good luck to you may be very offended. She does not like people who are careless about her characters and, especially, to its lively media. It is better to just get by without the tank than to doom the fish to stray existence.

Finally, the third rule: what fish, and such luck. In fairy tales of the peoples of the world are not just randomly appears goldfish, and not some piranha or shark. By choosing fish must be approached very carefully. Focus on your feelings, buy only those fish that you like to be golden for you. And rich in health.

When buying an aquarium with live fish you uncomfortable, for whatever reasons, then you can use an image or figurine fish. They also bring money luck. As for the material, it is preferable to glass and wood, although there is no hard limit. One of my clients, not being able to buy a real aquarium with live fish, just up and painted it. And got more than a good result.

The third symbol of wealth — the so-called money tree. In Feng Shui money are considered plants with round leaves (heart-shaped), and plants with thick and fleshy leaves. Widespread now succulents. Even here in Russia you can buy them anywhere in the flower shop. These plants are referred to as a money tree, trees, love, monkey trees etc. I highly recommend to buy and place in the south-eastern sector. It is advisable not to keep the sector cacti or other plants with sharp leaves or thorns. Otherwise, you risk yourself in a situation where both eager and reluctant to speak, and it's unlikely you'll like it. Although you decide.

It is useful to put in the south-eastern sector of the few dollar bills (nominal — a matter of taste). They, too, are symbols of wealth, which is expected to grow in the south-eastern sector. Actually, for the material well-being is very important that the house always had money in the truest sense of the word. No wonder there is a tradition to cast away in the corners of money when moving into a new apartment. Do not wait for the move. Collect more detail and "sow" it in all the corners of your apartment. Like attracts like, and the money comes to money.

But not everything is determined only by the south-eastern sector. Hallway (more precisely, its competent setup) also plays a significant role in attracting wealth. If the hallway is dark, uncomfortable, if it does not want to be long, it will be unpleasant and money to come to you. Disorder in the hallway will also scare off money from your home.

Remove from your hallway all unnecessary. Make it a rule outerwear and street shoes are always clean up in the closet. Make sure the lighting is bright. Entrance hall should be clean and bright. Under the rug, place three five-ruble coin eagle up. In no case do not hang in front of the entrance door mirror: good luck, entered the apartment, will be reflected immediately and go back where you came from. Quite dangerous to hang a mirror in the house with the symbols of the trigrams and characters, which are now sold in abundance in esoteric shops. Such mirrors are weapons, they exist for the destruction of the negative influences. When used improperly and inappropriately they can cause a lot of harm.

It would be very helpful if you hang in the hallway of the characters is wealth (painting, photography, etc.). This may be a fish bowl full of fruits and fruits of Paradise, home, happiness and well-being breathable, jewelry, money symbols, etc. It is possible creative freedom, but it must be remembered according to the cultural symbolism of the layer to which you belong. Thoughtless use of symbols of other cultures can cause trouble. Symbols of wealth is better positioned in front of the front door or anywhere near it.

In the end I want to add that wealth comes to those who are willing to accept it. In addition to properly configure the apartment, you need to be able to count money and treat them with respect. Then their numbers will increase. Remember that Feng Shui is not a panacea for ills. He helps those who act itself, and idlers have to wait long for results tuning sectors. In addition, we must remember that success does not always come from where you expect it. And it directly affects wealth. Love yourself and get rich on pleasure yourself and your loved ones!

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