Finalists Abakan

Automatic AN94, more recognizable to most people as "Abakan" is an instrument quite controversial, because together with the highest military features of this machine, there are bad moments. For example, a more complex service and maintenance procedures in comparison with Kalashnikov also lower stability in harsh criteria. Itself for itself Nikonov machine — tool is already relatively old, but, nevertheless, still fascinating, but we will not have a conversation about this model purely about it already and said so quite a lot, and try to compare it with those standards, we are He pulled out a victory at the end of the contest "Abakan" in 1987. Namely, will be discussed on the machines GA Korobov (TCB-0111), machine Stechkina I. I (TCB-0146), and, of course, about the vending machine Nikonov GN (AU, ACM, AN94).

Finalists "Abakan"Let's start with the German machine Alexandrovich Korobov, which, In my personal modest opinion, is one of the best Russian arms manufacturers. Immediately explain why this model is the first one. The fact that the TCB-0111 is completely different from the finalists. First automatic cutoff has two or three shots while TKB-0146 can shoot a cutoff of 3 (2) cartridge and AN-94 to 2. Both machine and Stechkin and Nikonov, have a movable design of the gun barrel, which enables you to measure the impact of 3 (2) and 2 shots and reduce its impact on the accuracy, automatic Korobov also has more than a conventional design, but for all that has two rate firing 500 rounds per minute and about 1700. Why is it necessary and what are the benefits? First, it should be noted that this is not the first German machine Alexandrovich with 2 rate of fire, in the last contest, in which a which once defeated Kalashnikov, was also presented with the standard dvuhtempovym automatic fire. Herman Alexandrovich work was carried out, the purpose of which was to compute the rate of rational automatic firing from different positions arrow. The result of this work and formed the base of the creation of the machine with 2 rate of fire. So in the prone position was a good tempo pace in the 450-600 rounds per minute, but from an awkward position in the rate of 1700-2000 rounds per minute. So Makar, the instrument represented by Korobov, superior AK74 and all its modifications for accuracy of fire, obviously, provided the use of a suitable rate of fire in one or another situation. But to compete on the accuracy of fire with machine guns and Nikonov Stechkina TCB-0111 could not. For this reason he came to the end of the competition marked "optional", which in itself is put on the gun cross and to be honest, it was just the two finalists — TCB-0146 and AN94.

Finalists "Abakan"TKB-0146 was a machine with a mobile structure of the barrel, but the barrel in a single turn back machine produced 3 rounds instead of 2 as opposed to the AN94. "Chunky" silhouette guns went to him because of the use of the assembly "bullpup", and in general, the size and weight of the gun less than other models. By the way, the competition only this machine was not a traditional assembly. Immediately we can predict the thoughts of adherents of "classics" over the inconvenience machine. But the inconveniences are only in the unusual location of the store, just to adapt to anything, and the closest distance between the fired case is thrown out and face the shooter. Last Steckin decided to simply and without technical bells and whistles, it is trivial to do violent release liner forward. The recovered cartridge cases are not thrown away, but is transferred to the parallel channel receiver, the bolt is in forward not only delivers a new cartridge, and pushes the spent case on the channel. In other words Steckin managed to get rid of the main difficulties in the assembly tool "bullpup" and also resolve the problem of the use of the machine while shooting with his left hand, you need not only the far left-handers. Catchy as well and the fact that the machine has Stechkina fuse switch / fire mode only with 3 positions. So they are positions "Fuse", "Trim", "Single / all". The most exciting of course is the last of the switch. Stechkin decided to release a soldier from the need to switch tool of the 1st mode to the other, and back the same solution to the puzzles was simplicity itself. If you look closely, behind the trigger can behold projecting moving part, which is the interaction of the trigger when fully pressed. So makarom when pressure is applied to the "descent" to a half, there will be a single shot, if the trigger is absolutely indentation, the gun will fire burst. It must also be noted that in the latter embodiment Steckin automatic firing mode with three cutoff cartridge was changed to the two cartridges. So Makarov, it can be concluded that automatic Stechkina connects the inside quite a lot of exciting design solutions, which on its own simplicity and reliability are staggering, and at the same time solve a lot of problems of guns, long fought over which other gunsmiths.

Finalists "Abakan"Well, in the end, automatic Nikonov. Delineate the features of this gun does not make sense, because it will have all the repetition of recognizable moments, and here's how to change this machine on the road to victory one can tell. Perhaps the most exciting moment is that the first model of this gun was not presented only with moving barrel, and a moving shop. They say even that the idea of rolling barrel Nikonov spied at Stechkina, but it or not, it's hard to say. But it is safe to state that such a bold design of the machine, in which the weapon is moving shop, obviously could not be in the middle of the finalists "Abakan". In general, during the time of the contest Nikonov machine configurations endured even more than all models of guns taken together, which is certainly worthy of praise only because far not every design can be made to withstand the configurations and for all that not to suffer deterioration of the reliability and features. Although if you read the truth, it is quite easy to disassemble machine to realize that crammed into it all that was possible. Even standing next to his own design by machine Stechkina can not compete with the AN94 to the difficulties of maintenance.

Finalists "Abakan"Generally costs separately to note that the specific operational change individual nodes machine guns and Nikonov was key to its victory in the competition. In general, at the start of the competition "Abakan" all of the exhibited models were quite "raw", so that it does not matter which of them could be a finalist for either of designers the opportunity to finalize rapidly implement. A str
iking proof of this can be AEK machines, which have not reached the end. If you call the premise of why two of the 3 finalists were left out, then you can look at the situation from different angles. For example, automatic Korobov was much simpler in its own design and Stechkina Nikonov, his only drawback was the lack of cut-off 2-3 cartridges, naturally drawback in comparison with competitors. In general, the instrument showed very good results in terms of reliability in harsh criteria and resource. There were also the least significant prepyadstviya that could simply be removed, as for example is not entirely comfortable accommodation switch fire mode, which you can get to it, only releasing the handle of the machine. I had my machine Stechkina "disease." Despite the unique and common solutions of individual problems, this machine was very capricious in terms of purity, and if the automation of the wedge, it took a lot of time and energy to lead instrument in a sense. The solution to this difficulty was, but he suffered from a durability and precision tools. Against the background of these models evolving AN94 instantly looked much better in all ways, but, as we know, this is so and did not help him to become the chief instrument in the army. Although the premise is faster disposition of money, and tool or what is not guilty, but that's a different story.

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