Finish assembling the An-70 will be performed in Kazan …

Final assembly of the An-70 will be produced in Kazan ...

June 9, 2012, Prime Minister of Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev, during his working trip to Kazan, suddenly made a statement that creation Ukrainian military transport aircraft An-70 will be carried out on the basis of CAPO Gorbunov. So Makarov, on the ground of the plant will, in fact, is built new creation, which will not be affected by this particular company. His project is now engaged in Kazan GiproNIIaviaprom. Recall that the creation of the An-70, except Kazan enterprise, also claimed Ulyanovsk Company "Aviastar-SP" and the Samara "Aviacor — Aircraft Factory." Also had information that the aircraft can collect and Voronezh aircraft.

It is understood that the development of the Kazan project will invest about 19 billion rubles, will also be created about 2.5 thousand jobs. According to the municipal defense order, up to 2020 must be made 60 aircraft. Initially it was assumed that the first two An-70 will be released until 2014. But the possibility to do this business in the timeline expressed doubts Vasil Kaumov (Director CAPO). He was supported by Russian Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov, which speculated as to what the first aircraft will be released only in 2015.

It also became clear that the work on the An-70 will be conducted in six major fronts. With all of this half of them will be specific to new construction (honing and paint hangars and housing assembly), and the second half — will be focused on modernization and reconstruction of housing number 1 CAPO, which will create a new work (it's mechanical assembly, blanking production and stamping, heat treatment and surface protection). It is also expected, and the establishment of interregional and international linkages, as components will be created in different places: the wings — in Ukraine, the panel — at Ulyanovsk plant, the ready forward fuselage will take Novosibirsk, and composite materials will be carried out in Voronezh.

At the current time, according to technical director Sergei GiproNIIaviaproma Laletina, terms of reference for the production of the An-70 is under consideration by the Government of Russian Federation. Underway work on introducing the project to the federal program from a motivated the development of the military-industrial complex. The implication is that the document will be approved in September 2012, but at the moment foreign exchange subsidies are defined and approved. It should also be noted that the project for the production of the An-70 was launched 25 years ago, even when there were no modern methods of construction and design. If the first Ukrainian side wished to take half the digitization of documents, then eventually it turned out that Russian side has received little more than half — about 55 percent of all jobs. As the Laletina on digitization will need about 2 billion rubles, about 2-years. But the problems with this kind of work should not appear since the staff is. At the current time is completed digitizing documentation of IL-476, for the same spetsy could "digitize" and An-70.

In the process of digitization is also linked some difficulties, namely, the problem of mental supplies to the aircraft. For a long time it was not possible to solve. But in the end, a consensus was reached and the Ukrainian side, which is, in fact, the creator of An-70, is interested in the project.

Laletin added that the need to hire about 850 workers at the establishment. Initially, this figure was higher but then assumed that Kazan plane will be carried out completely. At the same time it is clear that the fraction of the total production CAPO will be about 40 percent, which will include details of the creation of the fuselage, the fuselage itself specifically, final assembly, painting, and flight testing.

But at the current time it is not clear when it will be launched the construction of the new enterprise. Most likely, we can expect that it will be no earlier than after the signing of a bilateral intergovernmental agreement between Russia and Ukraine on the fact that the final assembly of the An-70 is all the same run in Kazan.

The only thing that is done in terms of new business — the design, which produces GiproNIIaviaprom. Besides him, the work involved Kazan company that has been practiced geology research papers, also Kharkov Institute. The design should be completed by the end of October this year. How much does it cost, no one did not specify, but according to all of the same Laletina, this small amount.

Recall a cooperation contract for joint production of military transport aircraft An-70 was signed between Ukraine and Russia in August 2009. According to it, the two sides committed themselves to finance the joint design and development work on the creation of the An-70 aircraft systems, engines D-27 and other relevant materials. The machine itself is a cargo plane, which was developed by Ukrainian aircraft manufacturing concern, scientific-technical complex of Antonov. First plane was released in 1994.

The An-70 belongs to a newcomer generation of military transport aircraft, owning a small take-off and landing. It can transport an army weapons and equipment with the total weight is about 45 tons a distance of about five thousand kilometers and a speed of about 750 km per hour. In addition, it can be delivered to different targets about 300 troops with full equipment, as well as use of sanitary air transport (An-70 is able to accommodate up to 200 the wounded). In addition, the on-board instruments, that are equipped plane, you can use it in standalone mode, without the use of ground-based special funds.

If you associate it with the technical properties of the other aircraft, the An-70 is far superior to all the currently available analogues, namely the European and A400M. Compared with him the An-70 is even cheaper and with all this has a greater life. In addition, the AN-70 has a larger capacity, and volume of the cargo compartment. And if the price of the A400M is now about 145 million euros, the AN-70 will cost only 67 million euros. So why pay more?

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