Finland forward to the Russian bear?

I. Letter of October war

To the Editor, "Military Review" received a letter from the 1st Finn (the name will not be called). Pochetaemy Finnish sir, is not suggesting that among administrators and creators of "BO" is not the Finnish experts and therefore taking advantage of the services of Google-electric interpreter for the Russian language impure said he was about to start a war with Russia in Finland. He wrote that he is in the Finnish armed forces, monitors the activities of the defense forces and the country's president in the corresponding direction, starting from January 2012, and, apparently, decided to warn the Russian people through the highly popular Web site in the near future plans to invade Finland Russia.

Finland forward to the Russian bear?

The text of the letter in places quite impossible to understand, but the premise alleged attack as the Finns would loom clear: a) Our homeland is updating its heavy weapons, and b) the Russian unable to cope with the environmental neuvvyazkami that threatens global catastrophe, and c) the Finns are very concerned about the situation in the Arctic d) as for some reason they care about Russian incivility (50 to 50 that I realized right), and e) the Finns are going to do in the occupied area jobs and even otgrohat here its "Silicon Valley" (New progressive Rurik, not on another ), e) between the case with 2 countries have established no tribute to this (perhaps, the creator has in mind the question of Russian children who today unsweetened live in Finland, and which happens to be otymayut mothers. Besides, the creator must , alluding to the June "Finnish theses" General Makarov and Vladimir Putin). And another Fri, under which the Finns have to necessarily go out to battle on the Russian, for some reason is the climate. Certainly, the inhabitants of the solar Finland decided to move closer to the May Chernozemya and taste strawberries.

His letter concludes pochetaemy sovereign clear message: the war between Finland and Russia will start … in October. In fact, at this point mid-October, so expect the Finnish attack need a day or for a day.

Let's try to force their own moderate abilities to understand, in fact the comrades Finns can overpower Mother Russia in general and what it is they need. From coverage of questions about the low Russian culture, new jobs and environmental dilemmas, very exciting Finns living next door to Russia, we will abstain, not to dull the reader's attention, but that's about the bad political relations, which includes the issue of Russian kids, grown by Finnish educational canons, to the Arctic, where a lot of minerals, and some more fundamental questions to be spared the creator of the letter will tell in detail.

II. "Nationality does not matter …"

Not so long ago received a lot of publicity weaning of babies Anastasia Zavgorodnev, a citizen of Finland and the right of. She took away six years Veronica, two-year dvoyashek and newborn daughter. The media spread information and that the kids another Russian mother — Albina Kasatkina — were isolated and then transferred to a foster family to address the social workers Helsinki Tarja Pelkonen, and "without investigation and trial, on the grounds that the mother of Russian" . Human rights organizations and the press here raised damned "juvenile" issues.

As for journalists, they realize their own creative potential fully — so that the Finnish Ambassador in Russia had to explain that members of a variety of media, to put it mildly, fib. The fact that in Finland otymayut babies not only in Russian mothers, and all in a row mothers. And so there was no inter-ethnic and, God forbid, interstate disputes, the government does not keep national "retired."

Salting of Finland in Russia Hannu Himanen explained to reporters that in-1's, the fault message of the Finnish side open a discussion with the Russian adoption issues and protection of human babies do not match reality. Here, everything is exactly the opposite: "On the contrary, Finland assigns only of fundamental importance to cooperation with Russia in family matters."

Russian media reported that Finland has agreed to the creation of a bilateral commission to address children's problems. But in Helsinki did not believe that it is necessary to create the Finnish-Russian Commission for adoption, as even so, the ambassador said, "… there is a whole series of bilateral agreements, which can be used in different cases. We have an agreement for cooperation in consular matters. Bilateral Russian-Finnish agreement on consular matters much more extensive than the Vienna Convention on consular matters … "In short, the press and lied here.

(October 3, Pavel Astakhov, authorized the President of the Russian Federation for Children's Rights, wrote in a "tweet" that the President of Finland Sauli Niinistö supports the creation of a joint commission of child. But the Office of the Head of the country denied the report.)

Then for some reason the media began to fantasize recklessly spreading distorted application of the Finnish president.

As for the kids nationality, he is here, according to the ambassador, journalists nasochinyali. Hannu Himanen said on this subject follow:

"Nationality does not matter … There is no discrimination of Russian babies or at least some other origin is confirmed by statistics."

However, this typical statistics: non-discrimination, it "confirms" that the national kids were not considered. Salting said:

"As the statistics on children, social services aimed at the Short-and long-term care on the basis of nationality is not conducted, there is no separate statistics on the number of Russian kids aimed to custody."

This salting due to the fact that Finland does not want to allocate the nationality of kids taken into care.

In the end, the media made a mistake in mathematics. The media spread information that the Finnish sotssluzhby seized from 16 thousand to 18 thousand kids, and it's not true. Sovereign salting noted that in 2010, under the care of sotssluzhb was given about 3.5 million children. Why salting cited data from 2010, remains in question.

And J. Himanen stressed that social services in Finland do not receive funds for the removal of children. Media and lied here.

By salting uttered added that removing the child is only necessary in the case of the latter, and on serious grounds.

"Removal of a child from their parents — it's a last resort sotssluzhby, — he said — is aimed at ensuring the successful growth and development of the child. The removal proceed only on serious grounds, and only when other means unrealistic. Maybe sotssluzhba months and years worked with the family. As can be seen, the statements that sotssluzhba selects the smallest kids in a dilemma, is not true. "

As we see, the journalists — solid liars or, at least, dreamers. And for the Finns, fans withdraw kids as it is today accepted everywhere in Europe, is the force in the form of a dispassionate statistics: albeit faceless, nationless, even for 2010.

In truth, not to wage war is because of this. In general, the Finns may feel silly if Russi
an "Bears" have started something of a rebel, the statistics will not save … Stores new Russian AK-12 is packed with patrons, the border is rolled tanks and infantry fighting vehicles, and President Vladimir Putin shakes a finger on the nuclear button : it is not a friend Astakhov, and only the complete incineration of Finland can save the Russian kids that are oppressed in the Finnish shelters …

III. At the mercy of the bear

The writer of Helsinki Jim (James) Thompson was not joking when he says that Finland in cooperation with NATO will move to the "Russian bear".

Finland is not a member of NATO, but soon stroll rumors that friendship with the NATO Finns would be profitable. Why is that? And since the security forces of the alliance would be a guarantee against the Russian invasion. By the way, Russia's own article, Thompson calls "the only noticeable threat." However, he stipulated: "Moreover, our native land did not fulfill any of brutal" overtures "in relation to Finland for entire decades." But we were talking about joining Finland in NATO — and has become a serious threat …

Talking about the "threat", James Thompson, of course, was referring to the June meeting of Comrade Putin and sovereign Sauli Niinistö, the President of Finland, where we were talking, including about NATO. Similarly, it is not clear what the words uttered presidents at each other, but after meeting Finnish journalists asked Putin as he refers to the fact that Finland can become a member of NATO. The President of the Russian Federation said:

"Any country's role in military blocs deprives it of sovereignty."

After all, if NATO decides to locate in the area of Finland, for example, the Russian borders, military complexes, it will not be able to do anything: the decision-that accept control of the Alliance.

"But the retaliation will be provided — Comrade Putin said. — Why do we need it? "

The answer, of course, the Finns are very terrible. Or is it a role in NATO would deprive her of sovereignty, so as to NATO will decide what, who and how many place in the Finnish countryside, or taking away of sovereignty is going to participate with their own hand, and Russia …

And here's another curious fact. In connection with the meeting of 2-president of the influential Finnish newspaper «Helsingin Sanomat» June 21 published a Russian hidden cards on which were printed potential targets foreseen in case of capture Helsinki Russian troops. Here and in the presidential palace and parliament buildings, ministries, banks, post office. Marked on maps and water treatment plants, and ports and public transport nodes, as train stations and airports. 6 cards are dated 1989. Presumably cards were received from Estonia. With the departure of the Russian troops a staff driver was ordered to kill them, but the part retained.

In short, in Finland so far is the "cold war" and advertised Russian threat — if not real, so possible.

But that Finland has to offer NATO? — Asks James Thompson. And he answers: no, not natural resources are not minerals, but specifically the ability to install on the Finnish countryside missiles designed to defeat any enemy.

Finland itself, continues to argue writer from Helsinki, unable to cope with Russia — with its million soldiers, with its tyschami planes, tanks, missiles and even a weakened but still resilient fleet. (Maximum, we note in passing that could jeopardize his gun Finland, even in the case of recruitment of reservists — is 350 thousand people).

Briefly, Russian Finland could take a few days. So says Mr. Thompson. In general, at one point he says, because our home is not in a state of war with Finland.

And what about NATO? And NATO is not the case, too brilliant. South American military, the real rulers of the North Atlantic alliance, according to the views of the writer, are already on the brink of crisis, leading the war for many years on several fronts.

War with Russia is the creator of the article "Armageddon." Through the east, across the Gulf of Finland — to St. Petersburg? Soilless suicide. Russian missiles will fly … Well, whatever the bay has not been used for a counterattack, the Russian submarines will trap the enemy everywhere, narrow straits, it is appropriate to attack NATO warships.

To the north of Norway? .. There are two large armies face off in a land war that ended maritime attack on the northern edge. Not very promising … the Barents Sea? Yes, the creator believes that it is appropriate to place the point of NATO forces. But not for the defense of Finland, no, but in order to be able to use the respective contract as an excuse to engage in territorial coastal waters and the protection of the interests in the Arctic.

Russian creator obviously does not trust. "The invasion of Georgia," he interpreted as a warning to the border states — everything from the Baltic to the Black Sea. They are giving them to understand Russia should review its pro-Western orientation. The independence of Kosovo is also angered the Kremlin. Our homeland is now argues that a constitutional right to the protection of lives and pros of all Russians, regardless of where they live. Moscow also expressed their interests in the areas of adjoining states. Creator saw here "precedent." From that moment, he believes, Our homeland can now use this statement as a pretext for intervention, citing the protection of the interests of, say, the Finns and the Estonians of Russian origin.

In the end, the Arctic. Thompson writes that in 2007, Our homeland has established its own flag on the days of the ocean under the North Pole, the recalling the time-honored tradition in which the area is approved by the Russian people as his own. And the Russian Admiral Vladimir Vysotsky, follow the "scientific research" of China in the Arctic, said that Our homeland "will not surrender an inch" in the Arctic, and added that "the ships of the Northern and Pacific fleets continue to increase its military presence in the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation … "

But in the squabble over the Arctic are involved not only China and our homeland. Here, Denmark and Canada, and Norway, and the United States. All of a sudden "there were territorial claims." The reason — to climate change, global warming. (Recall letter to the editor of the Finnish creator of "VO". In other words, it can be not only disturbs the Finnish Voronezh black soil "conquerors").

The polar ice has already shrunk by 40% if associated with their wide in 1979. In 2007 alone, melted a million square kilometers of ice. Business capacity in the Arctic grows, says Thompson, "exponentially." Maritime interests of different states can be realized by means of the UN Convention on Law of the Sea, which determines the boundaries in the Arctic. According to this Convention, the coastal government can dispose of aqua area two miles long, and from time to time, and 600 miles from its own coast.

What did Finland?

The Arctic is rich in marine deposits of oil, gas and precious metals. Treasures! — Says Thompson. According to the South American, there is nestled 13% of undiscovered global supplies of crude oil and 30% natural gas resources. A Our homeland has announced that he wants to make military force created to combat operations in the Arctic …

(Judge KP Bhattarai recalls and other. According to the Arctic Council at the end of 2011 had published a report on the comprehensive assessment of the impact of climate change on the configuration state of the snow, water, ice and permafrost in the Arctic endless (SW
IPA), 2005-2010 years were warmer in the region and brought a large configuration of the landscape of the Arctic. During the period between 2003 and 2008. sea level is rising each year by about 3 mm. According to forecasts, the global ocean levels by the end of XXI century may rise by 1.6 m North Arctic Ocean is almost free from the ice in the summer — in the next 30 or forty years. This is the real challenge of human civilization, which will lead to serious social consequences. Massive particularly destructive storms affect millions of people living in low-lying coastal areas (Bangladesh, Shanghai, New -york, Florida). Together with those huge configuration in the cryosphere, which will occur in the Arctic will open up space for economic activities: production of oil, gas, gold, diamonds, plutonium and other rare earth minerals. When the ice retreated, it will reveal ZAPOLYARNY delivery routes across the North Arctic Ocean, which will allow to reduce shipping distances between Europe and East Asia for more than 40 percent).

Not so long ago, the formidable Russian General Nikolai Makarov, the commander of the armed forces of the Russian Federation (writes J. Thompson), gave the Finns realize that Finland should not conduct exercises in eastern Finland and engage in military cooperation with the other Nordic countries and the Arctic. Also, it should not be fixed due to NATO.

The President of Finland Sauli Niinistö, says creator, said such makarom that Makarov was obliged to leave the base, where the meeting took place. (Perhaps the creator says about the June meeting where Makarov, namely, said that cooperation between Finland and NATO is a danger to the security of Russia. And General urged Finland to strengthen military cooperation with Russia).

James Thompson concludes: Our homeland wants to protect its interests in the Arctic at any cost. And if Finland joins NATO, then, of course, it is not clear in advance what would be the level of Russian aggression, but that claim has already announced. It should be placed at Finland's NATO missiles as "the country is occupied."

I hope the creator says that everyone remembers the lessons of 1939 … It is unlikely that those who come to the aid of Finland, says the writer. All contracts will fly to hell … All will defend its interests in the Arctic, and no one will defend the Finnish people.

According to the views of Thompson, NATO, if only Finland decides to join in and start cooperation (as is inevitably reclaims Union), Finland will throw to the wolves bear — just push comes to shove.

IV. Finnish precedent

Not one Mr. Thompson believes that Finland was like "precedent" or, rather, a touchstone for the modern foreign policy of the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin held around the end of 2011 (ie before the entry into the presidential office). This writes, for example, John Besemeres on the website, "Open Democracy". This maker uses such geographical and political neologism as "Putistan» (Putistan).

In his view, today's Kremlin is not only threatened by the former vassal states who make decisions about their their defense did not approve of Russia, and imposes its policy of Finland. The creator also quoted the chief of the General Staff Nikolai Makarov, who recently threatened retaliation in case of Finland, at least some military cooperation with NATO. Makarov even asked blogger reports, why Finland is going to carry out military exercises on its territory against whom it will study the Finnish army, and said that Finland needs to work with instead of Russia militarily.

Finland, and of the other Nordic countries, says the creator of articles concerned about increasing the military forces of the Russian Federation and the increasing power of President Putin. Do not like this country and "threatening language" of Putin.

Another analyst, Edward Lucas, recalls that the Finns — a powerful artillery in the middle of Europe, upscale special forces, wonderful exploration — so excellent, that about her, no one knows anything, and a powerful cyber defense.

And now — our homeland, "an uncomfortable neighbor." The president, who threatened "tough response" — in this case Finland will develop its cooperation with NATO or buy new weapons.

But that's exactly what's happening, exclaims the creator. The Finns are purchased from the U.S. ultra-high-precision cruise missiles AGM-158 JASSM class "air — surface", which to this day America is not sold to countries that are not part of NATO.

These half-hidden cruise missiles would be able to strike deep into the enemy's country, bypassing its air defense system.

Leading Finnish security expert Charlie Salonius-Pasternak notes that it is "the culmination of a 20-year extension of cooperation between Finland and the United States. And it's also a huge part of U.S. efforts to plugging security holes in the north-east of Europe … "

Since 2010, the article shows creator, NATO has conducted so quite a few maneuvers in the region, it's hard to keep count of them (Sabre Strike, Amber Hope, Baltic Eagle, and next year it may be, will be the biggest of them: Steadfast Jazz).

But NATO has the problem. To implement the plan unit should be involved Sweden and Finland. That's why the U.S. and the Nordic countries to support the defense cooperation, especially with respect to Finland, Sweden and Norway. Exclusively in 2010 by three states was conducted 48 joint exercises, and the end of this year the number will reach 120. The planned exercises in Lapland at the moment are two or three times a month.

And the big question is how to respond to our homeland, to this day to respond "obviously counterproductive?"

The creator recommends that the Kremlin does not rage, and "be a good neighbor" and not to adjacent countries cause for alarm. To live without fear would be good for Russia …

V. To summarize

Thus, the Russian kids in Finland to do, as a Finnish non-national statistics. As for the scandal in the press, the media are lying, and fellow Astakhov writes. This impressively substantiated salting of Finland in Russia Hannu Himanen, referring to the data in 2010. In general, the war because of kids like is not expected.

Now about NATO. Finns go and hunt — and prickly. On the one hand, they are very afraid, "bear", ie Russia. On the other, they want to see the U.S. provided them with the latest equipment. There is also a third party, voiced by writer and mystery writers J. Thompson: in case of a global mess NATO and will not defend Finland, and every country, so to speak, will go its own way — a scramble for their interests.

It is necessary to keep in mind and that NATO and in fact can encroach on the sovereignty of Finland. Completely legitimate. It is necessary to enter the Finns in the Union (the North Atlantic, by the way) as the missiles will be delivered to their home areas. And here both Putin and Makarov — with its harsh "responses" and Georgian politics … some number of days, and not a lot of sovereignty that remains. At least, Thompson, who lives in Helsinki, this does not hesitate.

As for the "interests", they on the east, which is closer to the north, focused on the Arctic. Finns like, and related peoples are very interested in oil, gas and zolotishkom that are about to thaw. The failure is that in the middle of "interested parties" was noted and our homeland, which, again, the same, the Finns are afraid, despite the "cyber defense", an excellent exploration and 350,000 brave men which this country will be able to put under the gun.

In short, if it were not for the Arctic, that certain interests of NATO and Finland would even match. And where melting ice will not be any matches. The United States, which in the old days have gone under water, Florida, under the
general interests of NATO have a habit understand their interests. Certainly not Finnish.

Surveyed and translated Oleg Chuvakin
— Especially for

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