Finnish war in the eyes of the platoon commander

The Finnish War through the eyes of the platoon commander

On War, which began 71 year ago, in late November 1939 after 15 years poslednie10-written, very many. Fights preceded the difficult balance of political forces in Europe, which led Stalin to "move" the Finnish border, is in a particular vicinity of Leningrad …

Most publications on the Soviet-Finnish war boil down to the evidence that the reddish Army demonstrated de full military weakness. With all of this does not take into account the event that the army was set almost an impossible task — perfectly prepared to step on the line of defense in the most embarrassing time for this — during the Finnish winter!

Authoritative British military historian Liddell Hart wrote about it: "An unbiased analysis of military action allows us to establish these preconditions Russian troubles in the initial period. Terrain made it difficult to progress in all of the advancing troops. Numerous natural obstacles restrict the likely direction of Advent. On the map area between Lake Ladoga and the Arctic Ocean seem wide enough, but in practice it was a dense network of lakes and forests, creating perfect conditions for doing a stubborn defense. Moreover, in the Russian countryside near the border took only one train line (line Leningrad — Murmansk), of which, all over 800 miles to the border lasted only one branch. This has resulted in breakthroughs in the most narrow sections of the Finnish countryside involving a total of three divisions (communications Finnish press scale Russian actions significantly exaggerated), while for a workaround, north of Lake Ladoga used four divisions. "

How annoying would it sounds, a British historian of the initial reasons for the failure of the Red Army, smogshey finally break through the Mannerheim Line impregnable, reacted to objectively many Russian creators.

At the same England a computer used to solve military problems, proposed the initial data coming Russian 1939. To start the computer refused to "fight" at minus forty degrees. And after not suiting their data removed, "broke" Mannerheim Line with a few nuclear strikes against her. Other solutions are not found a computer!

Soldiers and commanders of the Red Army broke through the Finnish system of fortifications without nuclear "mushroom". Oh, so what was happening then described one the number of those who could, after the first lesson catastrophic defeat in unimaginable criteria — a platoon commander Nikolai Mitrofanov directed to the front in the first war, the same day — November 30, 1939:

"The train has become. Team: "To unload!" Burnt by the Finns railway station, a pile of stones, high sticking pipes and burnt logs, deepest craters from shells — all at once it seemed obvious and imprinted in the brain and around — white and dead. Before the division staff had to go all the way to 30 km. Lined up by departments, were off. Well, Finland! We were in the middle of a dense forest. And there was no end to it, no edge. Pine, spruce, birch, slender and beautiful, it was rising high into the sky. A range of snow, stands just off the road, and you can fall to their knees, waist …

Dawn found us dancing "wild dance" in one place. Frost below — 50 ° mercilessly burned feet, hands, grabbed his nose. Frostbitten balaclavas not sufficiently heated. Gasped shrapnel tearing. Responding to the Finnish, slammed my battery. We were between 2-lights swept over us and ours, and Finnish shells. The one who did not pass a major school of war, perhaps, difficult to imagine how you can crawl on his tummy on the deepest snow. By emphasizing his hands on the shoulders of people fail. To make a push kick, you need to get solid ground. Snow pours his collar in gloves, in boots. Each meter gets later, despite pyatidesyatigradusny frost. The great strength of will, iron nerves, courage and perseverance — these are the attributes which must own the soldier of the Red Army, operating in winter conditions …

We were lying in a gutter, and snipers thrashed by us, both in the open target. I asked Misha: "Well, Sergei, we will move forward? '. After thinking, he replied: "The main force remained at the initial positions. We jumped out and now pay for it. Now we have lost a lot of people. We shot prone, and of masquerades as dead … "

Frost on the joke burned our hot body. On the coats formed ice crust, it crunched under the tiniest movement. Roll also had no power, because the enemy here opened fire, and then perforce had to dig into the snow. ZYAB nose, hands feel cold, feel cold knees, but still unbearable feel cold feet. And we all were lying, not having the ability to move either hand or foot, chained enemy fire Chills thrashed like a fever, teeth clanking. The last hours before the haze I lay in a daze …

We go behind the tanks and beat. Beat in attics, on roofs, in windows. Crackling, chirping machines, beating the gun. Becomes hot. Crossroads of the road. Gasped mine. With the roar shattered caterpillar podgolovnym tank. Tank gauging. Stopped and our movement, he stopped the way for us. Runs into a dilapidated shed. Directly to us stared tank gun. Workers do not. Shells scattered around. The decision comes naturally. The gun in the opposite direction, shell in the chamber, tug on the cord and … terrible explosion shook the shed, smoke, dust, boards, sticks and rubble collapsed on us. When the smoke cleared, I saw the 1st of the "gunners," Mota bandage on his leg. The second is made dressing comrades came to the rescue. It turned out to leave the gun, the Finns stuffed into the trunk of sand … ".

A day of early March 13, 1940, a day when completed war, and entered into force a peace treaty with Finland on Russian criteria Mitrofanov platoon commander, was wounded in the shoulder right through the Finnish bullet. He had described the present day: "On the Ground thrashed machine guns. Deafeningly loudly — tra-ta-ta-ta. Again silence. Came back wounded. The orderly said that in one tent 1st destroyed and 1st wounded. It dawns. Here and there a dull and distant cannon boomed, then besides more. Beats all became more frequent, and soon a solid continuous roar was above the neighborhood. Vyborg bombard! Hard to describe such a bombing. No description defies this roar. In the air without annoying engines rumbled. The glow of the fire took possession of the entire garrison. The air is filled with smoke and fumes. Well, we have finished the Chicano. Give Finn heat. And, as if on cue, all was silent, was quiet, only in the air still rumbled departing aircraft. Quiet Circle. Surprisingly somehow! ".

But bye to our hero. He returned to Moscow with the combat medal on his chest: "The train slowly approached the platform. At the entrance to the platform crowded with passengers. Could not wait. Come on. Countless stream of passengers and greeters rushed to the platform. Locomotive whistles, sirens, bells trams, people, people, people. The first time I was taken aback. I'm used to the whistling shells, howling minutes, rattle machines and tear shells. At the rear, suddenly, someone has hung on the neck, and hot kisses stung lips, cheeks, nose, and quiet, thoracic, native and has almost forgotten the voice of his wife saying: "Nick, Nick cute! Kohl's back. "

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