Finns express solidarity with Belarus

May 10 in Helsinki, Finland, at the National Theatre held "An Evening of freedom in Belarus." From the stage of the theater will feature poetry of the former presidential candidate Vladimir Neklyaeva, a story about the current situation in Belarus, the processes of ex-presidential candidates and protesters on December 19.

One of the organizers of the rally of solidarity with Belarus in Finland — the daughter of the poet and former presidential candidate Eva Neklyaeva — He says that the Finns are very excited about what is happening in Belarus in recent months:

"When I talked with representatives of the Finnish Foreign Ministry, they told me that the events in Belarus caused a strong reaction in the Finnish society. Ordinary Finns write and call the Foreign Ministry and ask that Belarus remains in the priorities of Finnish foreign policy."

Therefore Eve Neklyaeva together with friends, representatives of creative intelligentsia decided to talk about what is happening in Belarus:

"We are going to tell the latest news from Belarus — how are the courts, about the harsh sentences that have already received activists on how to pass trials Sannikov and my parents. The program will share my father's poems, which are translated into Finnish Yuka Malinen. Yuka was very impressed by what happened with my dad. "

Finnish poet Yuka Malinen (Jukka Mallinen) met and became friends with Vladimir Nyaklyaeu, when he was living in Helsinki

"Really, this is my good friend. Recently published a selection of his poems in our main literary magazine" Parnassus. "Now I have translated his poems specifically for this party. Poems are interesting, there Belarusian soul, such melyanholiya, discreet sympathy. All of this is pretty close and for the Finnish soul. We had a well-known poet Ayn Lane (Eino Leino), who lived at the beginning of the last century, the mood, pessimism Nekljaev like him, as I figured if it transfers ".

Eva Neklyaeva selected excerpts from the blogs involved in the events that were on the Independence Square on December 19, and from Finnish director made an impromptu performance. There will also be music — Finnish musicians answered the call to join the event.

"There's a leading Finnish actors of the middle generation, very good musicians — the first person of our theatrical and musical world — are showing their solidarity with the free Belarus", — told the Finnish poet Yuka Malinen.

Getting "Evenings of freedom in Belarus" at the National Theatre in Helsinki on May 10 in 20 hours.


Finland, the evening of freedom in Belarus

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