Fly will not soon

Fly will not soon
In a promising strategic bombers will be very difficult fate

Promising aviation complex distant Aviation (PAK DA), designed to change the far Tu-22M3 and Tu-160 strategic and Tu-95MS, was the victim of departmental ambitions and secret struggle. Not having to make its own first flight, he changed the «parents» by clicking on the CB «Tupolev» to the department of the United Aircraft Company.
The first plans of creating a new bomber said in 2008, Col. Gen. Alexander Zelin, then Chief of the Air Force of. However, he did not specify what design bureau headed by project. In the future, the management of Tupolev Air Show «MAKS» said the contract with the Ministry of Defence on the research work on the project has been called the PAK DA. First, last year it became clear that the new aircraft will be subsonic «flying wing», about how the South American bomber B-2 «Spirit».

In February, the Director of the Department of today’s aviation industry Minpromtorg Andrew Boginsky told that the Defense Ministry finally signed an agreement with Tupolev to develop promising aviation complex distant aircraft. According to the director, the financing of the project was started in 2013 and included in the State Program bomber weapons on the 2016-2025 years.
But in the design office of the newspaper «Military-Industrial Courier» explained that the funds are transferred only at the end of last year. Due to delays in funding the developers could not spring 2013th book Scientific-Production Enterprise «Star» design ejection seats, rescue equipment and supplies for the crew. Office staff not quite understand the situation with himself «Tupolev» because, according to some reports, subject to rapid reformation KB: closer to summer it leaves Moscow and move to Tatarstan. There, on the basis of the Kazan Aircraft Production Association named after SP Gorbunov currently deployed base the new combined office design — Engineering and Technology Center, which will join Tupolev KB. In connection with the administrative shakeup fate of strategic bombers, which the Air Force lozhut great hopes, now lost in the fog.

Many disputes among professionals caused by the decision not to create supersonic and subsonic car on a «flying wing». The designers explained that such considerations. Since PAK DA should change not only strategic Tu-160 and Tu-95, and Tu-22M3 far, in other words, virtually all air power impact of, the brand new complex requires at least a little fit flight features, including Tu- 22.
«At subsonic aircraft is easier to provide a huge range and a patrol. It’s no secret that the Tu-95 is held in the air for longer than the supersonic Tu-160. Park Air Force refueling aircraft is not large enough, and overseas bases in the Russian Federation no. Because of paramount importance comes not speed, and range and weight of transported air weapons, «- said the newspaper» Military-Industrial Courier «independent military expert, one of the creators of the book» The New Russian Army «Anton Lavrov.
He noted that currently range cruise missiles, air-based reaches 3 — 5 thousand kilometers and strategic bombers are no longer necessary to break through the enemy’s air defense echelon to hit the target. At the same time the idea of ​​making a high-PAK DA supported the defense Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin. In the spring of last year, he said that the plane can even be hypersonic. His expression is not encouraged by professionals.
«Work on the project began in 1995 when the Air Force ordered a number of research works military institute TsAGI and Tupolev. On the part of the Air Force KB were offered three options for the machine, including one developed by the creator of the Tu-160 Valentin Bliznyuk. He proposed multimode plane relatively small mass, but while maintaining strategic range. But TsAGI supported subsonic option, as estimated this institution such variant is more optimal, «- said the weekly» MIC «aircraft engineers, the participant works.

According to him, in 2003 have graduated from Tupolev perform research work and was ready to enter the protection pilot project, but due to the cessation of funding from the Ministry of Defense to develop PAK DA interrupted. Her continued only in 2008 after the resumption of funding and the respective competition, which won Tupolev.
«As a result, the protection was accomplished in 2012, and a year later was contracted to carry out development work. But for some reason not with Tupolev, which received a positive opinion on the preliminary design, and with UAC «- said the» Military-Industrial Courier «aircraft engineers. Currently KB, only began to prepare preliminary design PAK DA, was almost relegated from work.

«At the end of last year on a promising aviation complex allocated about 9 billion rubles, but only one came KB billion Other funds remained in the KLA. In January, at a meeting of management today announced the development of the KLA in the structure of the new department, headed by the first deputy general director of «Tupolev» Sergei Bogatikova, which will handle all the work. Manage UAC decided to involve the design PAK DA specialists of aircraft manufacturers of «Irkut». «Tupolev» will do just ancillary works by passing all the documentation in the new department «- shared with the» MIC «on the criteria of anonymity KB familiar with the situation.
Source publication also explained that all cooperation on the newest car will be organized exclusively within companies in the United Aircraft Corporation, with the least involvement of outsiders subcontractors.

«Of course, the decision to pick up the development of the PAK DA in» Tupolev «and give cooperative KLA -» Irkut «unprecedentedly for the aviation industry. But managing UAC can be appreciated. At the moment, «Irkutsk people» are working on the Yak-242 (aka MS-21), which must fly the «black» wing «, — informed» VBC «a senior official of the aviation industry. «Black» — is taken from aircraft manufacturers slang title wing built from carbon fiber composite parts for which can be applied special fibers from coal sands.

«Fully composite wings until neither we nor foreign aircraft manufacturers do not. In most places of loading still used aluminum structures «- saw source of the newspaper. According to him, the first Yak-242 is still the wing of ordinary alloys. With promising composite airliner, according to the plans of aircraft manufacturers, will rise into the air not previously 2018.
«In the design of the PAK DA chosen to apply the» black «wing. Because «Irkut» is just right to conduct works on two machines, conducting necessary research and narabatyvaya experience, «- he added. With this solution disagree Tupolev Design Bureau. Since the 50s the company has been a leading developer and creator of heavy and strategic bombers. Monopoly «Tupolev» could move only briefly 3M Vladimir Myasishcheva planes, and even the famous supersonic T-4 «Sukhoi» and did not become standard machine.

«In the KB has developed a unique team» prochnistov «,» aerodynamics «and other professionals with experience in the design of heavy bombers. Nothing like no other KB. Train professionals to create aviation complex for several years will not work. If Tupolev useful 8-10 years, another KB — twice as much, if not succeed «- expressed his outlook aircraft engineers.

According to the source, a decade of failure in financing can badly affect the state distant aircraft. Fundamentally catch fill the park to the cancellation of rapidly aging machines. Because at the moment we need not at the technical level breakthrough machine, and usually easy to manufacture aircraft.

«Unlike composite materials duralumin alloys perfectly worked and studied. For example, in cellular panels often appears condensate which on freezing result in structural failure. Because for the cheapest kind and easy to manufacture bombers choice of materials to the conservation of primary use in the construction of duralumin alloys, of course, will be more justified, «- said a senior source in the aviation industry.

But the failure of the design office are terminated. According to several interlocutors familiar with the situation, March 26 must pass Meeting of Shareholders of «Tupolev», where it is decided to merge with the Kazan Aircraft Production Association named after SP Gorbunov into a single scientific and technical structure. It is understood that created a year ago in the CAPO Engineering and Technology Center will be the heart of modern organizations, and experts at KB, leaving the complex of buildings located on the waterfront of the capital named after Academician Tupolev move to Kazan.
«Even if we remain in place, the world will enter into new employment agreements. Well, many of my colleagues and I must confess, I do fear that we will be without work «, — says» Military-Industrial Courier «employee size.
While the company’s management have not announced official plans for the reorganization of «Tupolev». Aviation experts say the union «Tupolev» CAPO and correct and timely step.

«In the line of the Tu-204 and Tu-214» Tupolev «and did production aircraft, popular with airlines. The last project that could be implemented c «zero», — Tu-334, and he never was put in «series», — told the «MIC» independent aviation expert Sergei Starikov.
According to him, the airline «Red Wings», becoming the first customer for eight Tu-214, is often faced with neuvvyazkami in their operation.
«The» Red Wings «during commissioning ships of this type there is a huge number of complaints about the quality of aircraft. Unfortunately, they were solved with difficulty. Kazan factory had no right to enter the configuration in the design documentation. Had to coordinate with all improvements «Tupolev», then transfer to the CAPO. The smallest question converted to a long process of coordination, and each day brought prostoyki aircraft airline losses «- the old man explained.
According to the views of a professional, such a situation is due to break ties between the design office and the factory.

«For example, the company» Sukhoi «and» Superjet «such neuvvyazkami not collide because promptly correct identified deficiencies airlines and nick» — summed up the old man.

Over the past 5 years it is not the first airline merger and engineering offices into a single aviation technical complex. In 2010 JSC «Taganrog Aviation Scientific-Technical Complex named after Beriev» was merged with JSC «Taganrog Aviation» (last Taganrog Aviation Plant. GM Dimitrov). Assist the process that both companies are in the same town.
«The Soviet aircraft industry experience indicates that one design office can work with several aircraft plants. And the factory can immediately build airplanes of various companies. In the same 60-Kazan in the 80s in one shop built supersonic bombers Tu-22 and Tu-22M all modifications, and next were going to haul passenger IL-62. «Ilyushin» and worked with Kazan aircraft plant, and Tashkent, where collected transport Il-76 «- reminded the newspaper» Military-Industrial Courier «on one of the companies.

You can argue for a long time who povinet in the situation with the development of promising aviation complex distant aircraft. In the United Aircraft Company has its reasons and reasons, and they seem at first glance reasonable and logical. On the other hand, the unique design bureau — the only developer of strategic bombers and far — left without their own «child» and almost squeezed out of the project. Expects «Tupolev» and painful procedure association. Even with the scenario Myagenkaya new scientific and technical complex, uniting Tupolev Design Bureau and Kazan Aircraft Production Association named after SP Gorbunov not immediately be able to join in the work. One can only hope that departmental games and fight for funding or subvert the most important for the Russian Security program from PAK DA.

Alexei Ramm

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