Flying people

November 26, 2011 19:45

"Flying people" are known from time immemorial. Tales and legends of almost all the nations of the world contain a description of the winged creatures, like a man. But only in recent times for them, so to speak, have become more closely scrutinize, wondering: what is common humanity on their home planet Earth?
Before any "flying men" interested in America. In the archives of the U.S. Air Force on UFOs, there is a report by William C. Lamb of Nebraska. February 22, 1922 at 5:00 am Lamb hunted near Hyubella. Suddenly, from somewhere in the sky there was a strange high-pitched sound. William looked up and saw a large dark object flown overhead. Then a great flying "creature" has landed like an airplane, and went, leaving a trail in the deep snow. It was at least eight feet high) Creature passed by a tree, behind which lurked Lamb, and disappeared. William tried to catch up with the stranger, walking on the trail, but could not overtake him.

And here are some descriptions as surprising meetings from the same archive that occurred near the small town of Point Pleasant.
Late on November 15, 1966 at 23.30, two young couples from the American town of Point Pleasant Skarberi Malett and drove the car out of town to his friends. Young people get lost. Circled aimlessly, they arrived at the old factory. When they passed the open gate, one of the women suddenly gasped. All eyes in the darkness and … saw two bright red circle. They were about two inches in diameter and located within six inches of each other. Suddenly the lights separated from the building, moving to the car, and all eyes have seen … huge creatures.
By its shape like a human being, but it was much larger. Its growth was six and a half — seven feet. And it was … big wings folded behind his back!
Red as big as headlights, eyes seemed to have had on the car sitting in a hypnotic effect, and all passengers in a minute sat motionless, watching them look. Then someone shouted, 'Get out of here! ". The car jumped the highway. On a small hill young people saw another one, exactly the same thing. When the carrier vehicle caught up with him, it spread its wings "like a bat" and soared upward. Machine "squeezed" a hundred miles per hour, but the "bird" was kept on it, and never once flapped its wings.
November 17, 1966 Highway 7 N rode 17-year-old from the town of Point Pleasant. Suddenly, the "big bird" appeared next to his car and chased him for miles. November 25 at 7.15 am a young shoe salesman Thomas Ury was driving in the car and … saw a tall humanoid figure standing in a field near the road. Suddenly she opened a pair of wings and flew straight up, like a helicopter. The guy raced a car with a speed of 75 miles per hour, but the "flying man" did not lag behind.
And interestingly, all the inhabitants of the town of Point Pleasant, who saw a flying monster, there is a feeling of indescribable fear.
Around the same time, like flying creature appeared near New Haven, West Virginia.
On Sunday morning, 18-year-old Connie returned from the church by car. When she was driving near the abandoned lawns local golf club, side view of a big gray figure of at least seven feet tall. But not growth has attracted the attention of Connie and her eyes: large, round, glowing red with fire. Suddenly behind the figures revealed a pair of wings, and she slowly and silently stood straight up, like a helicopter. During the flight, being not flicker.
It took several decades, and the "flying man" appeared again, but this time in England. November 16, 1963, four men from the county of Kent returned home from dancing on a quiet country road near Sendling Park. Suddenly the trees along the road there was a crashing of branches, and a huge black figure flew out of the bushes at them. She was the size of a man with wings like a bat.
Very much like being seen in Russia, Yaroslavl region. Student Igor Kuleshov was sent to the village of Highlands Pereslavsky area for agricultural work. One September evening in 1979, he and a girl friend went for a walk, in the field. The sun had already set below the horizon, and it's early twilight. Suddenly, the student saw that on the side where the sun had just sunk, at the height of 25 meters — 30 from the ground slowly flew a dark subject. As he approached, then managed to see the man who was flying slowly through the air. And he was dressed in a suit, reminiscent of a medieval knight armor. His head was like overturned bucket. The body is surrounded by a flying man barely noticeable halo glow … Suddenly a flying man abruptly changed course and went straight to the young people. One flew over the heads of young people were taken aback, he straightened his left arm, and the direction of its flight smoothly changed in the forest, for a moment he and disappeared. When the "knight" was over the student and a woman, they heard a sound like the rustling of the leaves of trees in the wind.
Looking back on this wonderful meeting, Igor said that when flying man approached him, the body of his numb. He could not even move. This state lasted for about 5 minutes — 7. Gradually, the young man began to feel again that can move, but depression still affects some more days. A couple of days after contact with a "flying man" Igor had a heart attack and was sent home. Before traveling to the Yaroslavl region, Igor was absolutely healthy. But after meeting with a "flying knight" doctor examining a young man and studied in the clinic made a cardiogram, the patient said that with such a heart for agricultural work, he can not ride.
22-year-old student Manuel B. Parma saw "flying humanoid" December 16, 1991. According to her, it was being "dark-green color, and in the folds to look clumsy. Stand on the face of two enormous eyes, red, round and flashing. Creature moved horizontally, slowly, like an astronaut in zero gravity, and turns her head, like a robot. At the same time, his eyes flickered. There is then hung motionless in the air, then moved, then rose and fell. "
With what face quite numerous witnesses in countries in different hemispheres? Despite the fact that, in some cases, the "flying men" had wings, and in the other — no, yet it seems that they have the same origin. All of them had huge red eyes, and they have the ability to exert a hypnotic effect. And judging by the fact that the creatures, without moving its wings, easily catching up quickly rushing cars, it is clear that they are moved in the air for some other device.
American scientists, is more common in the air of the country "flying men" were of two hypotheses about their possible origin. The first hypothesis is as follows. The military used the population of the districts, which are located close to the secret bases for long-term experiments on human consciousness and to act upon them some special radiation that causes the same type of hallucination. The second hypothesis is that the winged-humans-poluptitsy actually exist. But their homeland — not Earth. They occasionally appear in our dimension, and then disappear without a trace in his. In this case, it would be interesting to know what has caused such a strange cycle in the appearance of the phenomenon. Maybe the "portals" to other worlds opened it with such frequency?

Source: Broadcasting "World paranormal"

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