For the first time in Belarus, charged with terrorism

On the fact of explosion in the subway terrorism charges brought against two citizens of Belarus, told reporters on April 29 Deputy Attorney General, the head of the investigation team Andrei Swede.

On He said, he is accused of committing an offense under Part 3 of Article 289 of the Criminal Code (terrorism). They are charged in that attack staged by prior conspiracy to destabilize the situation, terrorizing the population and killing people.

One of the defendants charged with terrorism and for the explosion in Vitebsk in 2005, which had previously qualified as hooliganism.

According A.Shveda charged with a two-shot attacks on video Trial explosions. "Tests of explosions they recorded on video, which is at the investigation," — said Deputy Attorney General.

One of the suspects in the attack on the subway is also charged under part 3 of Article 295 of the Criminal Code (trafficking in weapons).

Andrew Swede claims that 2009among law enforcement agencies were able to uncover the explosion, which occurred in Minsk on July 3 2008, but the crime has been solved "by reason of the negligence of some officials," — said Interfax.

Deputy Attorney General explained that it is "about nedaktylaskapavanni that person (one of the accused) under certain circumstances." "In this incident as a criminal matter," — said A. Swede.

According to the deputy public prosecutor, the investigation does not indicate "that these acts of terrorism were customers or organizers."

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