Foreign Ministry criticized the launch Euronest without Belarus

"The launch of Euronest in an incomplete format is contrary to the principles adopted at the Eastern Partnership Summit in Prague in 2009, and completely undermines the democratic legitimacy of the Union" — said in comments released by Foreign Ministry spokesman Andrei Savinykh Belarus.

The statement was made on the occasion of the beginning of the Euronest without Belarus.

"We have to say that a group of politicians in the European Parliament imposed a worst-case scenario for the start of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Eastern Partnership. The Republic of Belarus can not be bound approaches and solutions Euronest in this format, "- said Savin.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, "the negative effects of the European Parliament made the west beyond the parliamentary dimension, causing very serious damage to the Eastern Partnership as a whole, its balance, value, performance and perspective. Eastern Partnership program in the event of conversion to non-discriminatory, slow and amorphous process emasculated content will lose relevance and meaning. "

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