Forensic examination has not confirmed the injury commandos

April 29 in court the trial Pavel Vinogradov, Dmitri Drozd, Ales Kirkevich, Andrei and Vladimir Protasenya Homichenko again listened to the affected police officers, as well as voiced written materials of the case.

More than a dozen injured police officers did not come to court — are seemingly on vacation. The judges had to voice their testimony. They are pretty standard: December 19 soldiers in full gear, helmets with visors, body armor, with knee injuries were soft tissue, jaw, cheeks, top of head, buttocks, knees.

Svetlana Gorokhovik, a friend of Pavel Vinogradov, shared their thoughts:

I do not think there will be an acquittal …

"Today was a pretty difficult day trial, as heard by the testimony of the victims. It was very slow, because at first they were very detailed, signed for it every time. And then it was obvious that they were cutting back and cutting back, cutting back, and the end of the testimony was as a blueprint. During the second half of the day was read the written materials of the case, and it was also very hard to listen to, the prosecutor at first reading cheerfully, and then his voice trailed off at all … I do not think there will be an acquittal, but it is possible they may be limited to those maturity that the guys had departed. "

An interesting feature: Prosecutor Borovsky read out the written materials of the case, among them — the results of forensic police. The experts recognized that confirm diagnoses put fighters December 19 — 20, is not possible. Thus, a hematoma in the buttocks Lushchik and damage to the jaw Davidavicha examination did not confirm.

Human rights activist Valentin Stefanovich, that all day today present in the hall, expressed such impressions:

Valentin Stefanovich

"Pat, if I may say so, the process of the 293rd article. Same victims that took place in previous trials, the majority of whom witnessed their injuries properly. This was announced today the results of the examination. Emphasis is placed on the individual defendants — they are so different! There are people in including Homichenko and that, most likely, was there by accident. On the other hand, Protasenya Drozd — people with higher education. Protasenya at school he graduated with honors. Let's look further, it would be on May 4. "

By the way, the prosecutor read out the brilliant performance Drozd, Kirkevich, Vinogradov and Protasenya with places of study and work.

Next cudovae hearing is scheduled for 10 am on May 4. It will start with a look at videos.

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