Four misconceptions fasting

Carnival is over, which means that Orthodox believers began Lent. Despite the fact that many Russian citizens consider themselves Christians, there is still a lot of misconceptions related to multi-day abstinence.

Misunderstanding one: the post — it's just a long and fairly rigid fasting.

Despite the severe restrictions, and in the post you can eat rationally. The most stringent — the first and the last (passionate) of the week: according to the canons to be eaten only bread and water. Fish dishes one can cook only during the holidays — at the Annunciation of the Virgin and the Entry of the Lord into Jerusalem. Allowed to eat fish roe on Lazarus Saturday — the day before Palm Sunday.

During the post will be very handy home-made — salting, pickling and marinades, fresh herbs — parsley, celery, fennel, vegetables, fruit. It is also convenient to use semi-finished products — frozen mixtures of mushrooms and berries.

Misunderstanding two: post — a kind of diet.

This is not so, while fasting is quite possible to gain weight, abusing, such as nuts or honey. Fasting person consumes a lot of fiber that promotes the excretion of harmful substances. Moreover, output from the body fat, which may also be useful. So the post — not a diet, and cleansing. Purge your organism to the mind — without depleting it.

To lean diet can add vitamins and minerals. Not all of them are identical. Plays an important role purification of substances in their composition and form of release. Fairly well-proven multivitamin complexes "Vitrum".

Vitamin deficiency, deficiency of trace elements, as well as the lack of calories lead to increased susceptibility to infections, toxic substances in water and air, psychological stress.

There are also so-called breaks the fast. This applies to patients, pregnant and lactating women, and children. In other cases, we recommend to consult with the priest. And with your doctor. If you have a fever or you are taking antibiotics, postpone taking a multivitamin until the acute phase of the illness will pass. "Vitrum" will help you recover faster from ailments, restore the vitality of the body to go through all the limitations and temptations of Lent.

Misconception three: the post is just a dietary restrictions.

In recent years, more and more people say that fast. Unfortunately, many people forget that post — it is a period of abstinence, not only for the body but for the soul. Previously, at the time did not offer alcohol in restaurants, did not give performances, parties and receptions. The church does not perform the sacrament of the wedding. But charity, pilgrimage, charitable deeds and actions have been well received.

Misunderstanding four: the post can only observe healthy.

Indeed, for patients with some relief during the post there. This also applies to pregnant and lactating women, and children. But remember: medicine knows more diseases caused by excesses than the diseases that arise from abstinence!

Before use, read the instructions and possible contraindications, follow your doctor's recommendations.

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