France announced the testing of guns, which has no analogues in the world

France announced that it has successfully tested the world's first weapon system with laser guidance, hitting the target with a vertical dive.

The agency DGA said that "June 17, 2010 was held the first test of the modular system tools AASM (Armament air sol modulaire) with laser guidance system on the ground in Biscarosse. This test is the first in the world using ammunition with Laser GSN capable of hitting a target with a vertical dive. " Test was part of a contract to develop a feasibility study the ability of the creation of this version awarded by the separation of industrial Safran Group Sagem in 2008.

Rafale fighter threw the AASM modular ammunition from a height of 13,000 feet and a distance of 25 km from the target. The data on the target, which was a concrete block, have been obtained from ground-based laser station coordinates with an accuracy of a few hundred meters. Then he was included system satellite-guided GPS, which deliberately gave the coordinates of the target to an accuracy of a few meters of the 10-s to enable the laser seeker to correct a trajectory falling bomb right on target.

Vertical impact on the target is focused on reducing real harm closely spaced buildings and to minimize side of human casualties in urban criteria. This version of the tool is also designed to engage moving maritime and land targets.

A basic version of the AASM had a combined satellite / inertial guidance system. At the current time are maintained operational and technical tests ammunition, Curb infrared guidance system.

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