France: primitive amoeba and clichés. Once again, friends from the anti-Syrian forces opposition are going on a crusade

Nicolas Sarkozy seems to not wait again don the cassock executioner-inquisitor. According to news portal Hvilya, France does not want to sit warehouse hands and going again intensively to intervene in the internal affairs of another country on the side of the most constructive and criminal forces. Now in Syria.

Apparently, the French money to burn. Again play a collection of "friends", in fact, the anti-Syrian "opposition", and again on the old one cliche a fairy crap about "suffering peaceful opposition" is trivial preparing for a crusade against Syria and its people.

Now is becoming increasingly clear that the European Union, the faithful dog USA, signed in his own weakness — the economic and political impotence, and together with its nuclear and simply "smart" bombs and rackets are increasingly sliding into the Dark Ages in primitive and worthy of amoeba and Thinking cave period of life. They can not wait to divide the world in their own way.

With all of this in these torturers still smoking ruins behind Libya — grief, despair, fear of its people, the mountains of the innocent victims, the kids, the elderly, women who are executioners NATO pilots crumbled to protect a "peaceful Libyan opposition." They left their homes and livelihoods of thousands of people and torn by internecine war civilian African country. And now again countless innocent victims, destruction, hunger, and jump back to the primitive system on another piece of land?

And all this is happening under the noses of the UN secretary general, called and empowered to prevent aggression and the introduction of armed force against the independent states. Then why do we se secretary general?

The pilots, the executioners of NATO, in the U.S. Marines and special forces from Qatar and Saudi Arabia have a mother, wife, kids. How do they relate to the fruits of the "work" of their beloved relatives and loved ones?

In torn by economic and monetary debt crisis in the EU is highly civilized society that looks after all sensitively carried out on them with modern experiments on belt-tightening.

As a society react to, to bang another government, located over a thousand miles from the European Union, throw orphaned kids in this country, to destroy innocent souls in this state, free of unarmed civilians from the roof over your head and on the peace of mind and save you from some of the "opposition" and terrorists?

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