France will show Turkey its place

According to some news agencies, tour of French President Nicolas Sarkozy on South Caucasus countries ended with harsh diplomatic conflict between France and Turkey. Ankara has irked the ultimatum, which showed Sarkozy during his stay in Armenia. The French president in a rather harshly expressed that if Turkey does not recognize the genocide of Armenians in 1915, France will accept a law equating denial of this action to a criminal atrocity.

Row over Armenian genocide between Paris and Ankara has continued for 10 years. Last French President Jacques Chirac in 2001, said that the destruction of the Ottoman Empire 1.5 million Armenians to be considered genocide. Turkish authorities, in turn, responded that in-1's, "the victims were even less — up to 300 thousand, and in-2, the Armenians were killed during the uprising."

Such interstate "passages" then led to a trade war. Turkey refused to get French missiles, tanks and helicopters, were also excluded from the tendering several French companies. Overall harm then managed in a few billion dollars. Now find themselves under threat agreements of more than 15 billion euros, including the construction of a nuclear power plant in the town of Sinop and export of aircraft «Airbus».

The lower house of the French parliament in 2006 passed a law, the essence of which was to criminalize denial of the Armenian genocide a crime. But the law is not approved then the upper house of the French parliament — the Senate. Then, to complete rupture, it never came.
Now it is about taking the law itself specifically by the Senate. Once approved, it will acquire the status of mandatory for execution. And now, every French citizen who thinks of refuting genocide in public, would face a fine of 50 thousand euros a year bullpen. Although the statement sovereign Sarkozy is unlikely to call for protection of the honor of the Armenians, as is likely, it will pursue very different goals. This sure Stanislav Ivanov, a leading researcher at the Institute of World Economy and International Relations Russian Academy.

Sovereign Ivanov said: "This announcement is focused not so much on the recognition of the genocide of the Armenian people and support. It pursues a completely different purpose: first, to show Turkey in its place and to limit the impact, once again show that Turkey is on the sidelines of the European house, and it is too early to conduct a dialogue on the same level with France and other European countries. This intention is not to give the ability of external policy of Erdogan and the whole policy of Ankara in its efforts to play a role not only regional country, and to make decisions is a European scale. Behind this statement lies the desire to limit the impact of Turkey. "

Nicolas Sarkozy to his own speech in Yerevan warned: "Now I will throw a grenade with a cotter pin pulled out." Prince Sarkozy gave excellent report for yourself, what are the consequences of his demarche, and yet deliberately put forward ultimaticheskie Turkish demands.

Ankara has responded to what is happening instantly. Ahmet Davutoglu, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkey, in turn recommended Paris "instead, to teach others to remember their colonial past." He also accused the French authorities that they belong to foreigners as "second-class citizens."

Do not hesitate in expressions and Minister Egemen Bagis, in charge of communication Turkey with Europe. Sovereign Bagis sure that the reason for such a demarche is that Nicolas Sarkozy "Frightened acquired from recent opinion polls." Most of the French professionals agree that president specifically provoked a similar scandal genocide for their own electoral ends. This PR-move Sarkozy serves to provide their own support of the Armenian diaspora in France of up to half a million people.

There is another reason for the activity of French President specifically in the Turkish area. According to specialists, Sarkozy said Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's harsh rival in the struggle for influence in the Arab world. When in Paris supported the enemies of Libya Muammar al-Gaddafi, he was able to strengthen its position in the Middle East, and now he is very jealous taking any samples Turkey specifically set themselves the main defender of Arab interests.

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