Freedom House: Freedom of Expression Belarus — between Cuba and Burma

In the current report on the state of freedom of speech in the world of American human rights organization "Freedom House" Belarus is at 190th place between Cuba (189), and Burma, which, together with Eritrea, Libya and Vzbekistanam shares the 191st place.

In total, the ranking of freedom of expression over the past year -196 countries. At the 195-m site is Turkmenistan, and the list closes North Korea. Belarus, according to human rights activists of «Freedom House» was at 190th place — on the last steps of the rankings.

Andrew Bastunets

Deputy Chairman of the non-governmental journalistic organization BAJ (Belarusian Association of Journalists) Andrew Bastunets notes that this estimate was made without taking into account the latest developments in the media market of Belarus. In particular, the attack on the largest independent newspaper "Narodnaya Volya" and "Nasha Niva." Their proposes to close the Information Ministry on the basis of complaints about the coverage of the recent terrorist attack in the Minsk metro. If the authorities succeed, the rating of freedom of speech in Belarus will be completely undermined, says an observer.

Perhaps under the pressure of the authorities covered only publication on a national scale? According to Andrew Bastunets, at provincial and district levels, the situation with freedom of speech in the past year was not the best.

"The most eloquent figure — the exhibition" Mass Media in Belarus ", which opens on May 4, was not allowed to put up the stand of the Association of Regional Publishers. And last year we actually lost two regional newspapers — is" Bobruisk Courier ", which ceased publication for financial reasons and Ivatsevitsskaya newspaper "For you." Publisher also could not stand the pressure. Since those publications that have been squeezed out of the system of distribution — NAL recently carried out the inspection and found that no publication has not solved the problem. If we now call the lower number of publications with these problems, it is only because the newspapers have closed. But she remained a problem. "

According to Andrew Bastunets, independent media in Belarus is not able to develop normally, not only because of the administrative burden, but because of economic discrimination: they are denied spread through the system, which has monopolized the state, denied the services of a government printing offices, and state enterprises privately told not to advertise in non editions.

Ales Bialiatski cent of human rights "Spring" notes nevypadkovasts reduction rating of freedom of speech in Belarus. According to human rights protection, this decrease was due to a general deterioration of the human rights situation in the country:

Ales Bialiatski

"The attack on the print — it's just part of the overall campaign of Alexander Lukashenko and his team on democratic freedoms in Belarus. This is very evident and after December 19. We have seen how many failures in the pickets, rallies. Even got to the point that the event is not Chernobyl allow, fear of public activity, even about such dramatic events as Chernobyl. It seems to me that during the elections, especially after seeing what is happening in North Africa and the Middle East, in the Arab countries, the Belarusian authorities were terrified and headed for the restriction civil rights and liberties. We have dozens of political prisoners there, which is also very revealing. impression that the Belarusian authorities ignore all civilized norms in the field of civil liberties, let's see, I think it's hopeless. "


According to Freedom House, in the past year, the number of people in the world who have access to free and independent media, was less than a decade.

The report classifies the media situation in 68 countries around the world as a free, 65 countries — as partly free and 63 countries — as non-free.

The greatest freedom of speech, according to Freedom House, the people rejoice in Finland, Norway, Sweden, Belgium, Iceland and Luxembourg.

Place of Belarus in the ranking of freedom of speech in previous reports Freedom House.

2003 183
2004 182
2005 185
2006 185
2007 186
2008 188
2009 188
2010 189


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