French armored vehicles «Nexter XP2» proposed land forces of the United States

Demo the latest standard multi-purpose armored vehicles XP2, designed by the french company «Nexter», recovered in the United States for the exhibition «AUSA». Company expects to intrigue the latest U.S. military machine and get an order for the supply of XP2 in the NE United States. The demonstrator is armed with 40mm telescopic gun shot, developed by «CTA International».

Multi-purpose armored vehicles XP2 will be offered in tenders for the latest AMPV for U.S. ground units, which vary standing on arms for more than 60 years of tracked armored personnel carrier M-113 and their modifications. The main competitors will be the development of companies «General Dynamics» with Stryker, «BAE Systems» with modification Bradley «Navistar». Plans for the Army Command takes about 3,800 combat vehicles AMPV, price caps for the 1st instance of approximately 2.4 million dollars.

Company «Nexter» has developed advanced multi-purpose armored vehicles XP2 in the weight category up to 20 tonnes per wheel formula 6×6 for research new technologies in the creation of the promising next-generation armored vehicles for the needs of the French armed forces. The plans of the U.S. military about 2-thousand cars GCV plan to ensure that gun, 25mm, and the French «Nexter» plans to offer its telescopic 40mm cannon shot, which has the best features of a combat effectiveness.

Machines were running tests in the 2009-2010 year, the main test passed box. Tests were also carried out on the strength of, reliability and speed properties. In the first half of 2011, BBM XP2 passed tests in sand and rough terrain.

For the first time demonstrated to the public in an enclosed pavilion at Eurosatory 2010. The demonstrator was presented by programmke «VBMR» (VAB exchange programs and EBRC), as a promising substitute languid armored vehicle AMX-10RC.

Multi-purpose armored machine XP-2 has received the latest power plant and a box designed in «Nexter». Applied technology in the development of housing assist greatly reduce the overall weight of the machine. Fuel tanks inside the installation. Fire-fighting systems provide non-hazardous machine movement even when using it for flammable substances such as Molotov cocktails. The driver's cab to provide the highest mine-protected. On-board equipment has an open architecture, widely used functional monitors. Internal systems have refreshed or new software.

BBM is declared as an environmentally "clean" machine that meets the requirements Evro4/5/6, machine width 2.55 meters and a class of 18-24 tons, provides it with the usual movement on at least what roads without disturbing the main traffic area.

XP2 armored vehicles to provide the highest mobility, the highest level of protection for the crew, which corresponds to the standard NATO STANAG 4569 Level 4. Machine offers advanced airborne systems. Capacity XP2 — 2 crew (commander and driver) plus nine paratroopers. The seats are made by the personnel of the technology that minimizes the impact of undermining various explosives. Housing with welded armor of duralumin alloy bottom case (bottom) has a protective shot down by explosives detonation products. In addition the machine can be equipped with overhead armor. Hydropneumatic suspension car type. Multipurpose machine has a modular design that allows the substitution frisky propulsion less than an hour.

How to put their trust in the company «Nexter», another of their potential customers could be a promising XP2 Australia. According to the requirements of the Australian military on programmke «LCVS» «LAND 400" for the Army needs about 1,500 new modern armored vehicles. But Australia has not yet determine what military machine it requires and what the basis (the wheel or crawler).

The main features:
— width — 2.55 m;
— the range of the car — 700 km;
— crew — 11 (2 +9) persons;
— implementation of the planned target for 2 days.

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