French BMP VBCI, adapted to the use of FELIN

DGA (French Rosoboronzakaz analogue) to the end of this year will put the troops first BMP VBCI, adapted for a group fighter, filled with sets of personal equipment infantryman FELIN — so referred to as "sets a fighter of the future."

Adapting to the use of BMP FELIN gives fighters the opportunity to recharge the batteries of their own systems and be one hundred percent ready for immediate planting, because it allows the system to operate inside FELIN infantry fighting vehicles. This shows a high degree of adaptability FELIN, because it is already installed on the BMP VAB during operations in Afghanistan.

FELIN and BMP VBCI — the main know-how of the French defense industry and marks its highest level. VBCI — The joint brainchild of Nexter Systems and Renault Trucks. The general contractor for the system FELIN a Sagem (SAFRAN Group).

VBCI meets modern performance from the standpoint of security and capacity. Armored vehicle with the wheel formula 8×8, in fact, BMP-armed version of 25mm gun and holds eleven infantrymen. Positioned as a "home" for the Marines.

As such, for themselves system FELIN is a high step forward in the field of care, surveillance, communications, firepower, mobility and support fighter in a particular contact with the enemy.

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